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The Fault In Our Stars

No description

kailey h

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a depressed 3 year thyroid cancer survivor. Augustus Waters is diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer that cost him his leg. This is the story of their life together.
They meet at a cancer support group. At first they don't know it, but they end up changing each other's lives.
Hazel and Augustus start hanging out more often. They recommend books for each other, and Hazel recommends her favorite book, an Imperial Affliction written by Peter Van Houten. Gus reads it and loves it. But, like Hazel, he realizes that this book has a twist. It's about a girl that has cancer and in the middle of the story, the book just ends! (probably because the girl dies) Hazel and Gus go through ups and downs together just like most couples. One of the ups are that Gus has a saved wish from when they removed his leg. He willingly uses it to go to Amsterdam with Hazel and her mother. They meet Van Houten and ask him questions about eh ending of the book but he's too drunk to think straight and ends up insulting Hazel.
Tragedy strikes and now Hazel is left to move on on her own. Finally, she finds something that helps her move past this tragedy from the last person she expected.
- Amsterdam
- Support group
- Van Houten's house
- Hazel's house
- Augustus' house

- Recently
machines for cancer
phones, laptops, televisions, cars

Scene 1
In this scene, Hazel finds out that Gus has Peter Van Houten's assistant's email. His assistant, Lidewij Vliegenhart gives Augustus Van Houten's email and of course, Gus shares it with Hazel so she can ask him a few questions about his book. (her favorite book)
' "He has an assistant," Augustus said. "Lidewij Vliengenhart. I found her. She gave him the email. He responded via her email account. '
' "Can I, can I have the email address?"
"Of course, " Augustus said, like it was not the best gift ever.
" I wonder, though, if you would mind answering a couple questions I have about what happens at the end of the novel. "
scene 2
After being told she couldn't go to Amsterdam to meet Van Houten because of her unstable health condition, Hazel finds out her doctor recommended that she should go to "live her life", so Hazel gets to go to Amsterdam with Augustus and her mom on May 3
' " Can you call the Genies and tell them the trip is off? I just got an email from Peter Van Houten's assistant. She thinks we're coming. " '
' " Trip's on," she said finally. "Dr. Maria called us last night and made a convincing case that you need to live your-"
"MOM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" I shouted, and she came to the bed and let me hug her.
Scene 3
This scene is at Gus' funeral. Isaac and Hazel (and a few other people) say their eulogy for him. Hazel talks about some of the things they liked and things they did together.
' Then I began reading from the eulogy I'd written. '
' Isaac couldn't go on, or maybe that was all he had written. '
Somebody Wanted But So Then
SOMEBODY : Hazel Grace Lancaster
WANTED : To be left alone with her cancer
BUT : She met Augustus Waters, a boy her age who also had cancer
SO : They started hanging out, traveled to Amsterdam and eventually dating. They were happy
THEN : A tragedy happened but, Hazel finds something that will help her get past her depression.
Hazel Grace Lancaster
- open about her cancer
- thoughtful
- intelligent

Before meeting Gus, Hazel is a depressed teenager. She spent her days, reading in her room, never going out with her friends and rarely coming out of her room. Because she was forced to attend a cancer support group, she met Augustus and they instantly clicked. He changed her life, for the better
Augustus Waters
- thoughtful
- dedicated
- generous
When he first saw Hazel, he couldn't stop staring. They started getting closer. He loved how Hazel is so smart, she always talked medical with him. He didn't regret anything- not any of the choices he made during his life. Hazel Grace changed his life, for the better.
Peter Van Houten
- in sincere
- un-caring
- broken on the inside
Van Houten wrote Hazel's favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. He is a clever man. In his book, he stopped the book in the middle because the main character, Anna dies. He lives in Amsterdam with his assistant, Lidewij. When he offers to meet with Hazel and Gus, they are ecstatic. However when they eventually do meet, all he is is rude to Hazel because he is intoxicated. In the end, Hazel figures out that Peter's book is based on what happened in his life and finds sympathy for him. She encourages him to write another book, so he does.
Osteosarcoma cancer
- Gus was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma
- costs a leg to determine whether you have it or not
- 8th most common childhood cancer
- more common for males to get Osteosarcoma
- around 50 million people under the age of 20 are diagnosed with Oseosarcoma every year
- usually affects the knee, hip, shoulder or jaw
- it's causes are un-known
- Terry Fox had Osteosarcoma
About the author- John Green
John Green was born August 24, 1977 in Indianapolis. He is an american author, a YouTube vlogger and educator. He won the 2006 Printz award for one of his books, Looking For Alaska, and reached number 1 on a New York Times Bestseller List with The Fault In Our Stars in January 2012. He has published many popular books such as Looking For Alaska, an Abundance Of Katherines, The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns.
I'd give this book 5 stars. John Green puts a lot of emotion into his work. If I had cancer, I would definitely be able to relate with this book. Even without having cancer, I felt the emotion he put into his characters. John Green definitely put a twist at the end of the book- it left me hanging for days! If you're a person who like romance novels or books with a lot of emotion in it, I would definitely recommend The Fault In Our Stars.
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