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Taylor Swift Love Story

reason: book report

Dana Schroeder

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Taylor Swift Love Story

as a baby to a young adult .......Taylor Swift: love story 13 Taylor's lucky number "the first time i heard my song on the radio, i was driving down the road and someone called in to request it, and i almost drove off the road-literary" Taylor quotes Taylor's whens Taylor was born on Wednesday December 13Th 1989 in Wyomissing , Pennsylvania. at age 11 Taylor did opening act for country legend Charlie Daniels. "one day somebody turned to my mom and said ' you know, she really ought to be singing country music,'''Taylor recalled. "it kind of occurred to all of us at the same time that that's what i needed to be doing.'' "Hi, I'm Taylor. I love the number 13. I was born in December on a Christmas tree farm. I like imagining what life was like hundreds of years ago. I have blurry eyesight. My favorite thing in life is writing about life, specifically the parts of life concerning love. Because, as far as I'm concerned, love is absolutely everything.
I'm easily excited, thrilled, scared, and shocked. I'm 23 now, but I never stopped jumping up and down when something wonderful happens. My biggest fear is getting bad news. Or, letting someone down. I really love showing people what I meant when I wrote a song, so my shows are very theatrical. I knock on wood constantly. I have a cat named Meredith. She's named after my favorite character on Grey's Anatomy, and she's fantastic. I live in Nashville, a magical land where 99% of the people are friendly and courteous drivers who let you in and don't honk at you.
I go into a trance when I'm in an antique store. I don't like it when something or someone turns out to be different than what you originally thought. Like when you're shopping and you find a really cute dress, only to realize it’s actually a strange jumpsuit situation. But I mostly don't like it when it happens with people. I love my friends and I'm always making new ones. I don't really think you can ever stop making new friends or learning about as many new things as possible. I also don't think you should ever take life so seriously that you forget to play.
Music has taken me all over the world, but the fans are the reason it's been so magical. I'm so blown away by how nice they are to me. It's strange to feel so understood by such a large group of people, but I love it. For the last two years, I've been working on an album called Red. I called it that because of the tumultuous, crazy adventures in love and loss that it chronicles. In my mind, when you experience love that's fast paced and out of control and mixes infatuation, jealousy, frustration, miscommunication, and all of those lovely emotions In retrospect, it all looks red." autobiography at age 14 Taylor moved to Nashville Tennessee for her career and is currently living there at the age 23 why aren't Taylor's teachers surprised of her journey? evidence from book: "So what do Taylor's former teachers think of her success? Frankly, their not surprised. According to Sharon P. Luyben, the k-12 Music Department Chair at Wyomissing Area School District, the young Taylor Swift's strengths were "her poise and presence and her ability to write songs.'' Sharon first met Taylor when she was 11 and auditioned for "The Sound of Music''. Impressed by Taylor's "amazing'' stage presence, Luyben gave her the part of Louisa. "She was very focused and determined to do what she wanted to do,'' Sharron recalled of the adolescent Taylor Swift. "but she was not obnoxiously competitive; not pushy. Just a quiet leader; a pleasant wonderful person.'' Sharon later taught Taylor in choir. She also interacted with her outside of school. They both attended Church of Christ in Wyomissing, where Sharon serves as the minister of music. Taylor wrote and preformed a song for the church's Christmas program that later appeared on "sounds of the season:The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection''. Songwriting is what truly set Taylor apart from her peers."her songwriting skills and creativity are way up there,'' her former teacher explained. Taylor's success is largely due to the dedication of her parents Sharon noted. She described the Swifts as a nice, normal family. "her family did everything for her'' she said. "they were her promoters and supporters.'' In fact Scott Swift asked Sharon for advice about Taylor's career in music. The teacher recommended Taylor go where country music is popular. "this is not a hotbed for country music,'' Sharon said of Pennsylvania, " I told him 'If this is the kind of music she wants to sing, she can't stay here. You need to really go where it is.'' Sharon did not keep in touch with Taylor after she moved to Nashville, but said she's "very proud'' of her. It turns out that Taylor is not the only student from Wyomissing to enjoy a successful career in music. Sharon said several of her former students are opera singers or preform on Broadway.'' A TEACHER'S PERSPECTIVE Taylor Swift starts her newest tour March 13-21 of September (2014!!) "when someone breaks up with me, I like to write about it, because I feel like I have the last word,'' MOM:ANDREA SWIFT DAD: SCOTT SWIFT BROTHER:AUSTIN SWIFT FAMILY 13 13 Dana Schroeder presents....... You might think I’m bulletproof, but I’m not.
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