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Basic Tax Filing Information for International Students and Scholars

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Transcript of Basic Tax Filing Information for International Students and Scholars

Basic Tax Filing Information for International Students & Scholars
Who needs to file tax forms?
How do I file my tax forms?
EMU OISS has a
tax software system, GTP, specifically designed for international students and scholars
It will be posted in the OISS weekly email when the software is available.
You may use GTP if you were an EMU student or scholar during the year 2016.
This includes students or scholars on OPT or AT.
To get a tax code and instructions for the GTP system
, you may go to the OISS or email oiss_forms@emich.edu.

What do I need?
GTP tax code
and instructions from the OISS
immigration documents
Tax forms
If you worked on campus or off campus, your employer will provide you with a
W-2 form
. They are required to give this to you by January 31.
If you received a taxable scholarship, EMU will provide you with a
form. They are required to give this to you by March 15.
If you earned interest from bank accounts or investments, you will receive a
form from your bank or investment company.

What if I have questions?
GTP software system offers help!
You can send GTP an email when logged into the system for assistance.
OISS advisors are not trained tax advisors
so it is best to contact GTP as they are experts.

All international students & scholars must file tax forms
even if they did not work.
Filing taxes is part of maintaining F-1 or J-1 immigration status.

What do I do after I fill out the forms?
GTP tax software will create a PDF of instructions and forms.
Follow the instructions in the PDF file.
Be sure to
sign your tax forms
submit additional documents if required
. The required forms will be listed on the instructions from GTP.
Tax forms for non-resident aliens must be sent via postal mail
; they cannot be E-Filed.

What if I am owed a refund?
The U.S. government will process your refund. If you select
direct deposit, it will be sent directly to your bank account
. If you select a check, you will be mailed a check.
Please note it takes additional processing time if you chose to receive your refund by check.
Direct deposit is the fastest way
to receive your refund.

What if I am a student-athlete that does not have an SSN and needs to file for an ITIN?
Complete your tax forms
using GTP.
Bring your completed forms with your original I-20, passport/visa and I-94 to walk-ins
at the OISS.
Walk-ins are Monday and Thursday 1pm-4pm
OISS advisor will certify your I-20, passport, visa and I-94 for your W-7
(ITIN application).

For additional information about taxes, please visit www.emich.edu/oiss/taxes.html.
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