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Alissa's Prezume

(a little more fun than my resume)

Alissa Dos Santos

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Alissa's Prezume

dos i'm Journalism Education Technology It begins at Northwestern University. Newspaper Television Magazine me! I fell in love with storytelling. ABC 36 in Lexington, KY ChicagoTribune.com Edited and helped manage the front page
Posted content
Freelanced for Chicago Tribune Magazine and wrote cover story for RedEye Lead reporter for a two-hour morning show
Covered crime, court, city council, bad weather
Pitched, shot, wrote and edited all my own stories General Assignment Reporter
{2009-2011} I loved visual storytelling... But I was ready to ROLL UP MY SLEEVES. So I pivoted. I focused on understanding the college demographic in order to build a targeted product for college students Developed and led an internship program for 60+ students nationwide Prototyped and wrote specs for product Created and implemented a 12-week webinar series with Silicon Valley leaders ... because I believe technology is the most influential catalyst of change. I moved to San Francisco and jumped into a start-up. University Marketing Manager Product Marketing Manager Product Messaging Led public relations efforts Guided product team on copy for iOS app and desktop product And since it was a start-up, I did a bunch of other stuff... Spearheaded company positioning, value propositions and marketing collateral So I became a reporter. Identified and captured consumer use cases to provide product insight Strategy Managing external PR team Execution Worked on two international partnerships with our biz dev team (StepStone and Totaljobs)
Worked with our growth team to build email marketing campaigns
Executed social media strategy (Twitter, Facebook, company blog) Wrote copy and led design for company website and landing pages After all, product marketing is smart storytelling. And I love it. Thanks for listening to my story. twitter.com/alissadossantos alissa.dossantos@gmail.com (Now let's chat.) Alissa Dos Santos hola. but everyone calls me... Let me tell you a story. Outside of work, I like: Travel Running Sharing Food
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