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Historical significance of

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Historical significance of

Historical significance of
"Ain't I a Woman"

Beauty in the 1970's
This is what was considered beautiful in the 70's by society and the media. Women were convinced they had to look like this kind of woman to be gorgeous. To women today, or women before that time, this could be strange, weird or different, and un-stylish.
Beauty in the 1980's
In the 80's, huge hair was a huge thing. Along with things like bright colors, crazy patterns and big accessories.
Fluffy skirts an bell bottoms were commonly worn. Girls in the 80's wore lots of bright make up and large jewelery. Men in the 80's wore things like bright colored shirts and bell bottom type jeans or pants. They wore their hair big and fluffy.
Beauty in the 1990's
A lot of the fashionable things in the 90's were very "school girl/boy". Things like button up shirts with collars for both boys and girls. Along with things like sweaters, sweater vests, plaid skirts, slacks, and headbands. women wore their hair naturally or in a pony tail.
Beauty in the 2000's
In the 2000s so, in todays time things that were/are very stylish are things like scarves, sweaters, scarves, and boots. Popular hairstyles are, long hair, big loose curls, and straight. Boys/men dress with casual t-shirts and jeans, or tan/black pants. Its popular to have nice shoes, shoes are the thing.
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