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Sonnet 169

Written By. Francesco Petrarch

Emily Ezinga

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Sonnet 169

Sonnet 169
By. Francesco Petrarch Francesco Petrarch
- An italian scholar, and poet.
-One of the earliest Renaissance
-His sonnets were admired and
imitated throughout Europe during
Renaissance and became a model for
-Petrarch was crowned as a poet laureate in Rome
Sonnet 169

Rapt in the fond thought that
makes me stray from other men and walk this world alone,
sometimes I have escaped myself and flown to seek the very one that I should flee;

So fair and fell I see her passing by that the soal trembles to take flight again, so many armed sighs are in her train, this lovely foe to love himself and me!

And yet, upon that high and clouded brow I seem to see a ray of pity shine, shedding some light across the grieving heart:

So I call back my soul, and when I vow at last to tell her of my hidden pain, I have so much to say I dare not start. QUIZ!!!
1.True Or False: Petrarch
was an American Scholar.

2.True or False: Petrarch was
one of the earliest humanist.

3. In your own words describe what you think
this part of the peom means.. "So I call back my soul,
and when I vow at last to tell her of my hidden pain,
I have so much to say I dare not start."

4. How does the song relate to the poem?

5. True Or False: Petrarch was crowned as a poet laureate in Rome In Sonnet 169, the poem
is about, a man who has a crush on a girl, and so badly wants to tell her. But for reasons he can not be with her, and is left with a broken heart.
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