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Good and Bad Bacteria

A presentation about good and bad bacteria for science class.

Erin Henry

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Good and Bad Bacteria

by: Erin Good & Bad Bacteria What is bacteria? The word bacteria is the plural of bacterium. Bacteria are tiny living beings called microorganisms. Microorganisms are not plants or animals. They are categorized in their own group. Bacteria can be both good and bad. Bad Bacteria Bacteria can be found in many places such as your kitchen sponge, uncooked meats, and bathrooms. Many infections are caused by bacteria making them bacterial infections. Some examples of bacterial infections are Lyme Disease, Salmonella, Tuberculosis,Tetanus, Strep Throat, Food Poisoning. The cure for bacterial infections are blood transfusion and antibiotics. Good Bacteria Not only is there bad bacteria but there is also good bacteria. Good bacteria can be found just as well as bad bacteria. Helpful bacteria can be found in your yogurt, nose, and mouth. Bacterium in your mouth help to fight germs and infections that may enter to prevent you from getting sick. Bad Bacteria Good Bacteria
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