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Visual Arts

No description

Laura Prenot

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Visual Arts

Visual Arts
Change in Class Structure
Visual Arts Mission Statement
Winter Arts Festival
Awesome Art Projects and Happenings
Springville Utah High School Art Show
Granary Art Center
Gallery Shows

The Wasatch Academy Visual Arts Department strives to provide a nurturing and safe environment for students to discover and develop their creative voice. Innovation, self expression, and experimentation are encouraged, making the process as important as the final outcome.
Elements of Design
Become Comfortable with Creativity
Fail Forward: Mistakes are Okay!
Intro Classes
Advanced Classes
2013-2014: approx 175 students (3 full-time teachers, 1 part time teacher)
2014-2015: approx 153 students (3 full-time teachers)
2015-2016: approx 130 students (3 full-time teachers)
2016-2017: 206 students (3 full-time teachers, 29 students taking 2 art classes, 235 heads total)
Number of Art Students
Elements and Principles of Design
Develop Individual Style/Voice
Self Expression
Ceramics I, II (6 sections)
Design I, II (2 sections)
Drawing I, II (2 sections)
Painting (1 section)
Photography I, II (5 sections)
Printmaking I, II (1 section)
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