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The Dog of Pompeii

No description

Gage Payne

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of The Dog of Pompeii

Literary Elements The Dog of Pompeii Characters Setting Theme Plot Point of View Tone Mood The setting is when and where the story takes place. The theme of The Dog of Pompeii is a dog is man's best friend. The attitude the author takes toward the audience, characters, or subject. The mood of a story is the way the book makes you feel. The setting in the Dog of Pompeii is a town called Pompeii, Italy. It took place more than 1800 years ago. The town is older and got hit by an earthquake years ago. The town looks better now because they have restored buildings There can be protagonists which are the heroes. There can be antagonists which are the bad guys. There can also be dynamic or flat characters. Dynamic changes at least something in the story and flat are characters that don't do anything they're just there. Protagonists: Bimbo who was a dog and took care of Tito. He risked his life to save Tito's life. Dynamic: Tito was blind so he had to have Bimbo take care of him. Tito changed the story by being the person that Bimbo had to protect and eventually help save Tito's life. Another dynamic person was Caesar who was the reason the town had a big parties and fireworks. There were no antagonists in The Dog of Pompeii. The theme of the book is the author's message which can be a leeson or piece of good advice. The reason that i think it is that because Bimbo, the dog, is taking care of Tito. If Bimbo wasn't there who knows what could have happened to Tito. The point of view of a story is who is telling the story. There are 5 types of point of views. The 5 are 1st person which the main character is telling the story. 2nd person which is where the author talks directly toward the reader. 3rd person is where there is a narrator telling the story. 3rd person limited is where the narrator tells the story, but only knows all about the main character or characters. The last one is 3rd person omniscient which the narrator knows about everything and everyone. The point of view of The Dog of Pompeii is 3rd person omniscient because the author/narrator knows everything about all the characters and when they introduce a new character they always describe them fully. Exposition- The introduction Rising Action- Conflict and excitement starts Climax- The peek which is full of suspense Falling Action- when everything has slowed down and usually no more surprises. Resolution- How everything turns out The Dog of Pompeii Exposition-The narrator tells the reader who the main characters and describes the setting. In this case the narrator tells about Tito and Bimbo and the town of Pompeii. Rising Action- The town is planning a party because once a year Caesar, the roman emperor, comes to visit the town. They're thinking of a feast too. Climax- When the town is having the feast they started arguing about what caused the earthquake before that only took down a few weak houses and only killed a few people. Then a volcano erupts. The town is going crazy and Tito was sleeping so Bimbo had to splash water in his face to wake him up. When Tito woke up he didn't know what was going on. He figured out that there was fire. They eventually had to start running. Bimbo was pretty much saving his life by guiding him through the fire. Eventually, Tito fainted from lack of breath then Bimbo disappeared. Type of conflict- There are 4 types of cnflict they are Man vs Man where a character has a problem with another one, Man vs. nature where a character has a problem with plants or animals, Man vs. Society where a character has a problem with the government or something like that, and Man vs. self where a character has a problem with themselves. Falling Action- AKA Denouement- When Tito woke up someone was carrying him to a boat. They sailed off and Tito was saved,but not Bimbo. 1800 years passed then scientists were going through the wreckage that had buried the whole town and found a skeleton of a dog. Resolution- When the scientists found the skeleton it was in the remains of a bakery. He was there while there was a raisin cake in his mouth. He got it for Tito because every morning when Tito woke up Bimbo usually got him a raisin cake. Beginning: The tone at the beginning was very calm and happy because nothing was really going on. Middle: The tone in the middle was exciting and suspenseful because with the volcano erupting you just didn't know what was going to happen next. End- The tone at the end was very fascinating because the scientists were very surprised by what they were finding under the town wreckage. Beginning: The mood in the beginning is informed because the author is telling us all about the characters and setting. Middle: The mood of the story in the middle is anxious because the reader is so nervous to see what is going to happen to the characters. End- The mood of the story at the end is sad and surprising because it's sad that they found the dog dead and in skeleton form. It's surprising because it's amazing how the skeleton of a dog is still there after 1800 years have passed. By Gage Payne and Madison Huettl
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