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Tonight Samoyeds are in the spotlight

No description

Allstars 2014-2015

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Tonight Samoyeds are in the spotlight

Samoyeds usally have up to 5 puppies. Samoyed puppies are very calm for puppies you can just sit with a Samoyed puppy and hold him or her for like 30min- 1 hour before they just go off and do their own thing.
Dog allergies
No one wants to be allergic to dogs ! If you are then Samoyeds are the perfect dog for you! They are hypoallergenic !!!
But if you do not like brushing hair then you will not be happy with Samoyeds, you have to brush their hair constantly.
Samoyeds and kids
Samoyeds coats are double layered this keeps them warm in the winter .They are also very calm and friendly a great breed for you if you have small children,cats bunnies and so on. Samoyeds are almost NEVER agressive they will be your childs best friend
What Samoyeds love!
Samoyeds need a lot of attention ! They will follow you wherever you go and will love you for all of their life, if you sit around and watch TV all day they are not a good dog for you!!If you like to travel ,camp,go to the beach,and you are willing to walk him then you will be an awesome samoyed owner!!!!!
Samoyed puppy acknowlagments
We were playing tag but we fell asleep
: )
Basic Samoyeds
Samoyeds are a type of dog that adapted to the cold snowy weather.
Tonight Samoyeds are in the spotlight
Males weigh 51-66 pounds
Females weigh 37-55 pounds
Samoyeds eyes are black or
brown and have a almondish shape

Samoyeds ears are white and
are sometimes brownish
Sometimes in life you just
gotta stop and EAT the flowers
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