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Reid Harris

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Oryx and Crake “But these new women are neither lopsided nor sad: they’re placid, like animated statue. They leave him chilled.” (Atwood 100) “Compared to the Paradice Project, even the BlyssPluss Pill was a crude tool…They were stages of a single plan, you might say.” (Atwood 304)
“These are floor models. They represent the art of the possible. We can list the individual features for prospective buyers, then we can customize.” (Atwood 305) “They look friendly enough,” said Jimmy. His old longing for a pet came over him. “Are they for sale?” “They aren’t dogs, they just look like dogs. They’re wolvogs-they’re breed to deceive. Reach out to pat them, they’ll take your hand off. There’s a large pit-bull component.” (Atwood 205) When walking through BioDefences Jimmy notices animals behind a guardrail when being toured around by Crake.The genetically modified animals are mixed species between pit-bulls and friendly looking dogs. The animals are deceptive though which seems to be a dangerous trait unknown by first impressions of the creature. Crake uses genetic modification in a harmful way to kill people no used to the new animal. This is unethical because no one knows what to expect from the innocent appearance of the viscous beasts. This will be useful when linking to all my sources because it relays the matter of creating genetic modifications for personal advantages. “That’s the head in the middle,” said the woman. “There's a mouth opening at the top, they dump the nutrients in there. No eyes or beak or anything, they don’t need those.” “This is horrible,” said Jimmy. The thing was a nightmare. It was like an animal-protein tuber.” (Atwood 202)

When walking through NeoAgriculturals Jimmy observes a headless chicken with a female faculty personnel. I interpret this as a benefit to society because the chicken head is pointless for its production in the poultry industry. A secondary source fits this quote because it demands that genetically modified food is beneficial. This quote fits with my others because it states the other side of the argument that genetic engineering causes changes in the futures economy. The headless chicken would gain importance over standard chickens.
The cunning traits that Crake modified into the pigoons are not beneficial to society. This quote occurs when Jimmy is running through the gatehouse in search for supplies and first-aid kits. The pigoons are human-like and interested in tracking down poor Jimmy.It is not worth creating these creatures because they are untamed and destructive to humans and animals alike.The animals "wait" for him. The excess knowledge of fear and desire to kill in these animals do not resemble safe traits for wild animals in Crake's community. This relates to a source of mine that involves downsides to genetic mutations. It also incorporates the wonder of engineering found through out the novel. Another part that makes me think that these animals were not properly created is when it says "They must have been able to tell there was something in it he'd want". This means that the animals understand the materialized backpack Jimmy wanted and could make connections between a humans interests. These women approach Snowman in the beginning of the novel when he is starting to get used to their presence. They are ritually bringing him fish for dinner. THis routine was designed and intended for Crake but he is no longer present so Snowman takes advantage of the slave like work. The green women are not emotional and plain. Not a desirable trait at all because women are very social and needy. Crake could handle this personality because he wants a world that requires no more effort. Crake wants to build a world that was planned to make life easiest for him. In the quote it states "animated statue" meaning that they look wild but they are boring. A statue does not do anything but make an icon out of a figure. These women, 'statues', are Crake's legacy. This connects to my source about Atwood's interview because she talks about the intentions for these projects. All of them being selfish.

When walking through the complex Jimmy talks about Craker's with Crake. The 'crude tool' is described in this fashion because it is not carefully made. There are still corrections that need to be done with the pill. Companies do not sell products or distribute them until they The pill and project are connected to be a bad idea when it says "single plan". These medicinal discoveries can be related because after the digestion of the pill these new life forms will follow Crake's post-apocalyptic lifestyle. This connects to my source because scientists need to always determine if their medicine is safe. This issue arises when studying the new 'human' species. Crake is trying to explain that the green people can be customized to fit the buyers needs. Medicine is an art that can be perceived in millions of way. This part is interesting because Crake decides that he will let people choose how they want their children to be. In reality the parent raises their own too do what they want and do not need a sceintist to program them. The energy is taking out of raising a child. Crake does not value these stages and time periods as special when forming a connection with your own child. The "art of the possible" is significant because it is still unreachable to modify the green people to meet the standard of the buyer. This quote is similar to the headless chicken because they are changed to help reduce work. Main Idea Throughout the novel the advances in technology influence genetic altering medicine which leads to question at what extent of this modification is ethical. “They were waiting for him, using the garbage as bait. They must have been able to tell there was something in it he’d want, that he’d come down to get. Cunning, so cunning!” (Atwood 271)
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