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Hunger Games Hero's Journey

No description

Clayton Horn

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Hunger Games Hero's Journey

Hunger Games Hero's Journey
By: Clayton Horn
Block 3
Call to Adventure
Katniss takes her younger sister down to the reaping. Her sister having only entered her name once has it called, but Katniss volunteers to take her spot in the games.
Refusal of Call
Katniss refuses to accept the call that she has to leave her family, so Gale promises to take care of them while she is at the games.
Supernatural Aid
Katniss first meets her mentor on the train to the capital. His name is Haymitch and he tells them how this all is going to go down and if they want to win what needs to be done.
Crossing First Threshold
This is the part of the book/movie where Katniss is taking the train to the heart of Panem, the capital with Haymitch and Peeta.
Belly of the Whale
The belly of the whale begins when Katniss meets Cinna and he begins to remove the district 12 girl to the girl on fire.
Road of Trials
This part is where Katniss demonstrates her skills for the Game Makers after training for days on end for the games hope to score high, so sponors are more interested in her.
Meeting with a Goddess
Goddesses come in many forms and this one comes int he form of Caesar Flickerman who helps her to capture the hearts of hundreds of people watching it.
Atonement with the Father
This is the part of the movie where the gamer makers decide to drive the tributes towards each other and so they attack Katniss with fire balls burning her leg in the process.
The Ultimate Boon
The ultimate boon would have to be Katniss after a long fight kills Kato and makes her and Peeta victors.
Peeta is one of Katnisses firsts temptation where they begin to talk about losing the games which Katniss decides she cannot lose because of her family.
Another possible temptation would be during the games where she is lured to the cornucopia to get medicine for Peeta's leg.
The Apostasis part of the hero's journey would have to come when Rue after teaming up with Katniss is impaled by a spear and Katniss sings her as she dies giving Katniss a drive to become victor.
Refusal of Return
Magic Flight
The magic flight is more in deep then Katniss and Peeta on a hovercraft its them trying to convince the rest of the world they did it for love and not to spite President Snow.
Rescue from Without
After winning the games Katniss is pulled aside by Haymitch to have a talk about what has happened and how she is going to continue to avoid Snow's anger.
Crossing the Return Threshold
This stage of the hero's journey occurs when Katniss realizes situation her stunt with Peeta has caused and must protect her family from this she has to keep being a star crossed lover.
Master of Two Worlds and Freedom to Live
Now Katniss, victor of the 74th Hungers Games has to continue her love for Peeta and show the whole world she didn't try to kill them both. Mastering the ability to hide this secret from the world and living with her family in peace for now.
With a sudden change in rules only one person was allowed to be victor, so Katniss come sup with a plan that if both of them can't win none of them can.
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