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Compound/Complex Sentences

Being creative with your writing!

Jillian Phippen

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Compound/Complex Sentences

How to get more out of your Schaffer Paragraph! Compound/Complex Sentences What is a
sentence? Now, try another one.
Use a different pattern. A compound-complex sentence is made from
two (2) independent clauses
AND one (1) or more dependent clauses. A complex sentence is very different from a simple sentence or a compound sentence because it makes clear which ideas are most important. A complex sentence Remember those FANBOYs? Next, we'll move on to the compound/complex sentence A compound-complex sentence has one complex sentence DC, IC/IC DC joined to a simple sentence with a conjunction (FANBOYs). Now, we're going to combine the ideas of compound and complex sentences into 1 sentence (it will be long! Think of how much more you'll be able to add to your Schaffer paragraph) To write a compound/complex sentence, we need to review the complex sentence. A complex sentence is a sentence with an independent clause and at least one dependent clause. The dependent clause is introduced a conjunctive adverb. The most common conjunctive adverbs Before, during, after Although, even though Because As long as, as soon as, as [__] as If, when, until Provided (that), so (that) Complex sentence practice Write a complex sentence Use this picture Try using one of these conjunctive adverbs Time
While Cause & Effect
So (that)
Provided (that)
Now (that) Opposition
Even though
While Conditional
Even if Remember, the pattern is DC, IC
or IC DC. You'll need to use them to create a compound/complex sentence. Remember, so (that) is a conjunctive adverb! So used as a FANBOYs connects IC, cc IC. A compound sentence looks like this:
My friend invited me to a party, but I do not want to go. Practice: Write an IC, cc IC. Use this picture of a
disgruntled teacher. The patterns will look like this:
IC DC, cc IC.
IC, cc IC DC
DC, IC, cc IC
IC, cc DC, IC You will need the list
of conjunctive adverbs... Use this picture Remember
the patterns
IC DC, cc IC.
IC, cc IC DC
DC, IC, cc IC
IC, cc DC, IC The patterns
IC DC, cc IC.
IC, cc IC DC
DC, IC, cc IC
IC, cc DC, IC
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