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College Presentation Project

No description

Marilyn Parada

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of College Presentation Project

By: Marilyn Parada Stanford University Location What Does The Student
Body Consist Of? What Are The Costs? History Did You Know?! Table Of Contents Extra Information Financial Aid •Business
•Earth Sciences
•Humanities & Sciences
•Medicine Academic Departments This school is a medium sized, 4 year, Private University.
It is a coed school.
It offers bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees!
School makes sure every student can attend! Type Of School This school is located in Stanford California.

The population here is 13,809!!

The average temperature year around is 69°F and the average temperature for winter is 60°F, springs average temperature is 68°F, autumns average temperature is 71°F and Summers average temperature is 78°F. Thank You School colors-cardinal and white
Mascot- The Stanford Tree Primary Address
Type Of School
Student Body
Academic Departments
Financial Aid
Extra Information
Did You Know?
For More Information For More Info alumniadmission@stanford.edu
www.stanford.edu It was founded on October 1st 1981
• They decided on a university and a museum
• .While on the East Coast, they visited Harvard, Cornell and Johns Hopkins to seek advice on starting a new university in California.
• He and Jane had one son, who died of typhoid fever in 1884 when the family was traveling in Italy Links In-State Costs Out-Of-State Costs
Tuition and fees $41,250 $41,250 $41,250
Room and board $12,721 $12,721 $4,347
Estimated Total $58,536 $58,536 $49,206 Citations/Links Stanford is known as the farm!
Stanford business program was ranked #1 in the world for environmental and social by the Aspen Institute
Stanford was 650 acres when it was first founded googlemaps.com

Total all undergraduates: 6,988

Total all graduate students:12,957

Undergraduate aid typically awarded as shown 100%
of need met
of freshmen with need who received financial aid 92%
scholarships/grants 8% loans
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