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Famous People of Australian Gold Rush

No description

Sabrina Lin

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Famous People of Australian Gold Rush

How Edward Hargraves became famous 1 He was the first to find gold in Australia Famous People of Australian Gold Rush Edward Hargraves's Life He was born in Gosport,Hampshire,England in October 7th 1916.He is son of Lieutenant John Edward. Edward Hargraves mother is Elizabeth.He discovered gold near Bathust in February 12th 1851.Then he travelled back to England where he met the queen.When he return to Australia the government granted him with money.He also wrote a book published in 1855.efore before he died the government also found out that he was not the first one to find gold in Australia. In fact it was John Lister and James Tom.edward was 75 years old when he died. Other Facts The Victoria government said whoever found gold within 200miles they will get 200 pound. Within a week lots of digger came.The gold was quickly found in Abundance by James Dunlop and in Buninyong by Thomas Hiscock . Thank you for Watching
Wish you like it ! By Sabrina Lin By Sabrina Lin Contants 1 How Edward Hargraves became famous 2 Edward Hargraves's life 3 Others 2 He discovered gold near Bathust at Summerhills Creek. 3 Then he own the place after he discovered gold , he called it Ophir. 4 After he found gold he was given 10000 poundfrom the NSW government and 5000 pound from Victorian government but then there was a protest from James Tom so he only got 2381 pound.
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