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Voluntary and Involuntary Reactions

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adeeb ali

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Voluntary and Involuntary Reactions

Voluntary and Involuntary Reactions By Adeeb, Aminul, Shahad, Examples What controls it? Presentation What are Voluntary and involuntary
reactions? voluntary responses are consciously activated by your muscles - you have to think it for it to happen. involuntary responses are activated reflexively, automatically, no thinking required. Involuntary reactions:
Heart Beat, Respiration, thoughts.
when someone throws something at you. Your reaction is to put your arms in front of your face as defense

Voluntary reactions:
Moving arms , legs and thinking. Walking and physical movement Our brain controls all our movement and mind
when we think we use 10% of our brain but in involuntary reactions we don't require time to think our brain just tells our body to e.g getting out of the away
. We can not control this. 10%!! Thank you for watching we hope you learnt something new
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