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What to do with a Music Certificate and/or a degree?

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Adriana Tapanes-Inojosa

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of What to do with a Music Certificate and/or a degree?

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What to do with Music Certificates and/or degrees?
MUSIC PRODUCTION (Music Technology)
Acousticians/Acoustic Consultants
Audio Engineer
Audio Producers (oversight of entire record production)
Audio Technicians (assistants): Work side-by-side with the audio engineers
Multimedia Specialist/Developer: digitization of recorded media from internet usage to video and film usage
Post Production Sound Engineer
Music Education
Church Related Ministries (many schools offer a Music Religion Degree): Church-related Music Educator, Church Ensemble Director, Minister of Music, etc.
Music Consultant
Private school music teacher
Public school music teacher (requires certification)
College Music Professor (requires terminal degree).
Private studio teacher
Illinois State University offers the certificate
Required for working within the medical health profession with regard to the various medical conditions of individuals.
Music Performance
While many will argue that the best performer will get the job regardless of any degree(s),the entire purpose of getting a Music Performance Degree is to develop you into THE BEST PERFORMER that you can be.
Workshop with Grammy Award winner Ignacio Berroa
Harold Washington College- November, 2015
4-year institutions were our music students transfer the most
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
DePaul University
Roosevelt University
Columbia College (
Music Production/Music Business
Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU)
North Park University
Chicago State University
Northern Illinois University
Transfer to 4-year institutions
These Associate Degrees in Fine Arts are designed with the purpose of preparing students for auditions and music theory/aural skills placement tests at 4-year institutions.

If interested in finding more information about how to enroll for these degrees,
you must contact:
Dr. Tápanes-Inojosa (atapanes@ccc.edu) or Dr. Shevitz (mshevitz@ccc.edu
Those earning a degree related to the music industry (
many times these degrees are a hybrid with music business
) are able to look for jobs within the music industry field.
MUSIC INDUSTRY (Music Business)
Advertising Specialist
Artist Managing/Management
Booking Agent, Talent Agent, Casting
Merchandising/Sales: Traditional or Electronic Music Stores
Music Librarian
Music Performance Promotion
Music Publishing Companies

Dr. Adriana Tápanes-Inojosa (Atapanes@ccc.edu)
Harold Washington College offers a Certificate in Music Business: contact Prof. Mick Laymon (mlaymon@ccc.edu)
Harold Washington College offers a Certificate in Music Technology: contact Prof. Anthony Florez (aflorez@ccc.edu)
You can play in:
Studios (Video, Film, Commercials, etc.)
As a soloist
Music Therapists kind of jobs:
Alcohol/Drug Rehab Centers
Correctional facilities
Geriatric facilities
Group homes
Mental Health centers/institutions
Nursing Homes
Universities and Colleges
Harold Washington College offers 2 degrees in Music:
AFA Music Performance
AFA Music Education
http://www.drummerworld.com/drummers/ Ignacio_Berroa.html
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