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Case study: BuyAKilt.com A/B tests product filter, UKToolCentre removes it, both see conversion rate increase

BuyAKilt.com includes a product filter, UKToolCentre removes it; both see an increase in conversion rate.

Siddharth Deswal

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Case study: BuyAKilt.com A/B tests product filter, UKToolCentre removes it, both see conversion rate increase

Product filters on eCommerce
website, do they help? How do you know if your visitors prefer 'Buy Now' or 'Get Now'? Which one is more effective? Since gut feelings have proven to be.. well, just gut feelings. We recommend using science to make decisions for your website. For example, BuyAKilt.com wanted to know if the navigation of their website was effective. by http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com Control The original product
pages had categories
on the left hand side
menu. ` In the variation, BuyAKilt.com
added a category filter. Giving visitors the ability
to "slice and dice" based on
their preferences. Variation The result? 76% 26% 19% increase in revenues increase in conversions increase in shopping cart visits UKToolCentre.co.uk had
product filters placed on
top of its products display. And they were not
happy with the
conversion rate. The world's easiest A/B testing software Variation Control The result? 27% increase in site engagement Cough.. Cough.. so what does this prove? Buyakilt.com is an online Kilt and Scottish Highland Dress retailer. They've been trading since 2004 and are a specialist kilt store that aims to make buying a kilt as easy as possible. UKToolCentre.co.uk offers over 15,000 power tools, hand tools, fixings and accessories to trade customers and DIYers throughout the UK. This is the first time we've tried presenting a case study in this format. Please let us know in the comments your views and feedback :)

- The Visual Website Optimizer team An awesome A/B testing case study Psst... what if we told you that one of these increased sales by 100%? They wanted to change it and see what happens... Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/turbojoe/1096159720/ But wait... if product filters always increase revenues what's the point of testing? Shouldn't you implement product filters on your website right away? Filters gone :( Science wins, always! And, like we said earlier:
Don't assume anything
A/B test like a mad scientist I agree! Feedback please! To put the focus
on the products,
they removed
the filters. They use They use
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