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Santa Anna

No description

Susie Choi

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Santa Anna

Santa Anna
Antonio López de Santa Anna
Full name: Antonio de Padua María Severino López de
Nickname: Santa Anna
Date of Birth: February 21, 1794
Date of Death: June 21, 1876
Parents: Antonio López de Santa Anna and Manuela
Pérez de Lebrón
Texas Revolution
Republic of Texas rebelled in 1835 and declared itself *independencia
tried to do things beyond his power, messed up, and lost alot of money
executed 342 prisoners from the Alamo
Dictatorship and Exile
was exiled, then allowed back to Mexico
hit in the leg with a *cañón, when retreating from battle(had to chop off his leg)
Santa Anna used a cork leg and it was captured and kept by American troops
asked to became president again after the president before failed; ruled very dictatorially
Later Years
in exile, he tried to raise money to take over Mexico by selling chicle(later the first chewing gum) but didn't succeed
big fan of cockfighting and spent 10,000 dollars on prize roosters
tried to become a general again but was ignored because he was crippled and almost blind from *cataratas
died two years later on June 21, 1876
Personal Life
devoted collector of Napoleonic *artefactos, hence his nickname, "Napoleon of the West"
married Inés García in 1825 and fathered four children
in 1844, 50-year-old Santa Anna married 15-year-old María Dolores de Tosta
At the Pinnacle of Power
elected president on April 1, 1833
formed a new Catholic, centralist, conservative government
*Coahuila y Tejas was one of the many states that rebelled against the change
Early Age
born to respected colonial Spanish family

belonged to the *criollo high class

was wealthy enough to go to school

at age 16, left to become a cadet
Military Career
in 1810, Santa Anna joined the colonial Spanish Army under José Joaquín de Arredondo
in 1811, he got wounded on his left arm by an arrow
in 1812, became first *teniente
*caudillo- military leader
*criollo-European decent born in America
*Coahuila y Tejas-Republic of Texas
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