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RA 9155 -Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001

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Jezza Marie Daapong

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of RA 9155 -Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001

"The school shall be the heart of the formal education system."
Promote and Protect the right of all citizens to qualify basic education.

-it is accessible to all where there is free and compulsory elementary education with high school level.
-governance begin at the national level.
-the state shall encourage local initiatives for improvement, ensure the values, needs and aspirations of school community.

Section2 : Declaration of Policy
a. Provide framework for the governance of the basic education.
b. Define roles and responsibilities, provide resources to field offices.
c. Schools and learning centers as most important vehicle for teaching and learning.
d. Ensure the attention received by schools and learning centers.
e. Enable the schools and learning centers to reflect the values of community.
f. Encourage local initiatives for the improvement of schools and learning centers.
g. Establish schools and l.c. as facilities.

Section 3: Purposes and Objectives
Chapter 3 : Abolition of the Bureau of Physical Education and School Sports
Section 4 : Definition of Terms
RA 9155 -Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001
Chapter 1 : Governance of Basic Education
Cultural Agencies:
Komisyon ng Wikang Pilipino
National Historical Institute
Records Management and Archieves Office
National Library

Administratively attached to the NCCA
(National Commission on Culture and Arts)

Program for school arts and culture shall remain part of the school curriculum.
Sect. 8
Chapter 4 : Support and Assistance of Other Government Agencies
Chapter 2 : Transfer of Cultural Agencies
Basic Education
Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Education
Quality Education
Learner, Learning Center and Facilitator
School, Integrated School, Cluster of Schools,
School Head
a. Shared Governance (Sect. 5a)
b. Democratic Consultation (Sect.5b)
c. Feedback Mechanism (Sect. 5b)
d. Principles of accountability and transparency (Sect. 5c)
e. Communication channels of field offices (Sect. 5d)

Governance of Department of Education from Department of Education Culture and Sports.
(Section 6)
School Level
Schools District Level
Division Level
Regional Level
National Level
(Chapter 1, Section 7)
Chapter 5 : Final Provision
All functions, programs and activities of DepEd related to sports competition shall be transferred to the Philippine Sports Commission. The program and physical fitness shall remain part of the basic education curriculum.
Department of Budget and Management (Sect. 10)
Commission on Audit
(Sect. 12)
Governance in the ARMM (Sect 13)
-the Regional Secretary for the ARMM shall exercise similar governance authority over the divisions, districts, schools and learning centers in the region as may be provided in the Organic Act without prejudice to the provisions of RA 9054.
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