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Financing Your UC Davis Study Abroad Experience


UC Davis Study Abroad

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Financing Your UC Davis Study Abroad Experience

Financing Your Study Abroad
In this meeting, we'll cover:
Financial Aid
Study abroad scholarships
Financial planning for study abroad

File a FAFSA for the year you will study abroad, even if you don't normally get aid
What can financial aid cover?
Room & board
Books & incidentals
Airfare & local transportation
UCEAP Scholarships
Scholarships typically provide $3,000-$5,000 for year-long programs, $2,000 for semester/quarter programs, and $1,000 for summer programs ($1,200,000 for 2013-2014)

Duttenhaver (year): 30 - $5,000
Dan Wise (year, France): 10 - $5,000
Jasmine Jahanshahi (2 -$2,500)
Special categories
General Scholarships

Benjamin A. Gilman (max. $5,000)

Boren Scholarship (max. $10,000/semester)

Freeman-ASIA (max. $5,000/$7,000)

Undergraduate Scholarships: http://financialaid.ucdavis.edu/scholarships/ucdfunds.html

Country Specific Scholarships
Major Specific Scholarships
Not currently receiving financial aid?

If you haven't applied for the Summer 2013, it's not too late- apply by May 15th to be eligible.

File for the 2013/2014 academic year- priority filing by March 2!

Financial aid does not cover:
Personal travel, vacations, Eurail passes
Bar hopping
Shopping sprees
UC Davis Summer & Quarter Abroad Programs
1. Apply for UCEAP

2. Financial Aid will be notified automatically by EAP

3. Meet with Financial Aid to discuss your aid package

1. As soon as you plan on studying abroad, talk to a Financial Aid Officer and then apply to a Program!

Every student's financial aid package is different- we want to make sure you & your family understand these finances before certain deadlines and before you go abroad!
1. File for study abroad leave at the EAC

2. Independent study abroad leave allows you to retain the appropriate student status to receive financial aid for your program!

Note: does not apply to summer independent programs
3. Once confirmed in an independent program, you will receive either a Consortium or a Contractual Agreement.

4. Independent programs are NOT eligible for the University Grant.
Receive a CA Veteran's Fee Waiver?
Applies to Quarter Abroad, Summer Abroad and UCEAP fees

If you are eligible for this waiver, please send a copy of your award letter for the current academic year to the EAC.

Visit the EAC with questions.
Scholarship Resources:
Financial Planning: Program Budgets
What do the budgets cover?
Quarter and Summer Abroad
Financial Planning: Comparing Costs
Find out how your study abroad program compares to studying at UC Davis
On campus year: $32,168 Quarter: $10, 722.67
UC Davis Summer Abroad: $7,000 -$10,000 (4 weeks)
Other things to consider:
Working abroad (or lack thereof)
Choosing a country based on cost/scholarships
Academic objectives
Return on Investment
Financial Planning: Questions to ask yourself
How much can you afford?

Are you willing to take on loans?

Can you be flexible on your country or program choice to save money/increase scholarship opportunities?

Do you have a good sense of your current spending habits?
Take the time to really understand your current budget.
Track your spending (Mint, Excel, notebook...)

What do you spend, on average, for groceries, entertainment, transportation (gas? parking?), utilities, etc.?

How do these compare to what you will spend in the same categories abroad?
Research costs in your host country:
Will you walk to class or use public transportation?
If public transit, how much is bus/metro/tube fare?

What is included in your program fees?
Meals? Utilities? Books? Transportation? If not, look up the costs online, talk to returnees, or check out the host university website.

What will your bank/credit card charge you to use your money?
Should you open an account in your host country?

Make a sample (realistic) weekly/monthly budget
More to consider...
What are some of the things you would like to do while studying abroad?
Travel? Theater? Shopping? Sports? Dining?
(These won't be covered by financial aid, so plan ahead and save for these now!)

Can you find additional sources of funding now? House/baby/pet-sitting, tutoring....

Save money! Can you cut your current expenses (make coffee at home, ride bike/take the bus instead of driving, take advantage of free entertainment, use coupons) - think of what saving now could buy you abroad!
2012-2013 Quarter
Undergraduate Student Budgets

$4,625.67 CA Resident Fees/Tuition
$460.00 Health Insurance
$534.00 Books & Supplies
$4,501.00 Room & Board
$412.33 Personal Expenses
$189.67 Transportation

$10,722.67 Estimated Total Cost
Sample Budget for UC Davis Quarter Abroad (Mendoza, Argentina)

$4,620.12 UC Davis Tuition & Fees
$500.00 Quarter Abroad Fee
$4,365.00 Accommodations & Services Abroad Fee
$2,100.00 Estimated Personal Expenses (Incidentals, airfare, meals, visa)

$11,585.12 Estimated Total Program Cost
What is financial aid?
and what does it NOT cover?
super important to do ASAP!
BEFORE you are packaged

Make sure it is sent to the Host school AND to the UC Davis Financial Aid Office!

Check out the online financial aid estimator
2. Quarter Abroad: The EAC will send a participant list to the Financial Aid Office

3. Summer Abroad: Students must fill out a Summer Aid Application in April/May

4. As soon as you are packaged, accept or decline your aid by logging into your MyAwards
Why is that important?
UC Davis Summer Abroad Estimator available in March online - check out our website!
Quarter Abroad Travel Award: $500-$2,000/$40,000 - April 5th

Summer Abroad Travel Award: $500-$2,000/$80,000- March 5th

UC Davis International Relations Education Abroad Scholarship ($500) - Open to IR Students

UC Davis Writing Minor (UWP) International Education Award (up to $1,000) -all UWP Writing Minors are welcome to apply.

Shakespeare—Live! Travel Award ($500) - Due March 19th
EAC Scholarships & Travel Awards
Fall 2013: http://quarterabroad.ucdavis.edu/programs/current-programs/program.aspx?program=40&view=Fees
** Based on Spring 2012 fees & subject to change
Make to read the instructions carefully & have someone else proofread your application!
Talk to your financial aid advisor to plan your summer package
2012-2013: http://financialaid.ucdavis.edu/undergraduate/cost/UGBudgets.html
Come visit us anytime Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm!

We are located at:
UC Davis Education Abroad Center
207 Third Street, Suite 120
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: +1 (530) 297-4633
Fax: +1 (530) 297-4695

Reach us by email:
1. Complete & file a FAFSA
2. Apply as soon as the FAFSA becomes available
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