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Ignite 2014 Rev Up

No description

Alan Brock

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Ignite 2014 Rev Up

Rev Up - Get Your Head in the Game
The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
Think Big. Act Bold. Live Large. Become the Very Best You Can Become.
Ignite Schedule
- The Myths pg. I-8

- Help when you need it

- Learn to Earn
"Keller Williams Realty is a training and coaching company that just happens to be in the business of real estate" - Gary Keller
Today's Plan of Action
1. Aim for your goal
2. Win Customers
3. Build Your Database
4. Become a Customer Service Professional
5. Power Forward with Habits that Count
6. Plan Your New Life
7.Leverage Resources.
reference schedule handout and MC intranet
Get your materials at :
-power session course manual
-job aids
-daily planner

8. Open for Business
What is success in Real Estate?

What is the payoff?
If you desire $100,000 GCI
with $200,000 avg sale price
you need 16 transcactions a year
Win Customers
Countdown to Payday
"Scripts keep you in control. Sellers and buyers have strategies; you need one too." Tony DiCello
1. new to real estate script
2. new to Keller Williams script
3. remind people you are in real estate script
4. new to area script
Build Your DataBase
Get out your cell phone

Fill out the My DataBase List
Your DataBase is your most valuable asset
Become a Customer
Service Professional
1. Know your 'Big Why'

2. Know the value you provide
-create a value proposition
-get it in front of customers
-leverage systems (eEdge)
Lead Generation - It is job # 1
Power Forward with Habits that Count
The Daily 10/4
myTracker - Online Tracker at: www.mykw.kw.com
Plan your New Life
How to live like and be a successful agent?

1. time block
2. be consistent - no skipping
3. protect your time block

If it is not on your calendar; it does not exist
Leverage Resources
1. MC Team
2. Allied Resources
3. B2B Network
Open for Business
Know Your Market
preview homes - MLS Hotsheet
Mindset w / Chris Heller
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