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The Greenhouse Effect

Hey guys this is about the stuff!!!!!

Leo the Orange Pinapple

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The Greenhouse Effect

By Leo, James, Reimi, Maya and Suzy.
The Greenhouse Effect!
What are the effects of the Greenhouse effect?
We can help by lets say travelling in different ways with transportation such as
Riding bikes ,walking,taking eco friendly buses
R,R and R Reduce Re-use and Recycle .
We could use electricity more efficiantly.
Helping the world in many ways saving lives of animals people.
How to help!
Firstly, we had to gather the necessary items needed for the experiment. We needed:two glass jars, two flat stones, fresh leaves, water and for both jars and the second jar was prepared with some ice cubes.
Preparation for the experiment
What is the Greenhouse Effect??
The Earths average temperature has risen alarmingly during the last century, and shows no sign of stopping
The heat trapped in the atmosphere smothers the Earth like a blanket, slowly coaxing the the temperature up and up and up!
The trapped air is slowly producing harmful gases which gently pollute the air and are a threat to animals and humans.
What are the benefits of stopping the Greenhouse effect?
Some of the benefits are:
The Polar icecaps will stop melting as rapidly as they are already, reducing the global water level.
Stop the Earth heating up,and the temperature will decrease by at least 3-4 degrees Celsius.
The experiment
We had to organize and prepare the (greenhouse) jars with a number of steps:
The Greenhouse effect is caused by sunlight hitting the Earth. About 26% of the sunlight is reflected back in to space, while the rest comes down to Earth and a further 19% is absorbed by clouds, and finally the remaining 55% heats the Earth and then tries to leave back to space, but the atmosphere imprisons it and it stays in the Earth.
What damages does green house effect do to living creatures?
Insert a flat stone into each jar.
Pour a decent amount of water into each jar
The world under water because of a lot of ice melting in the polar ice caps
Animals won't like the heat
Plants, vegetables, and herbs will not survive in the heat and might dry up and we will have less food to eat .
People will be dehydrated and extremely HOT.
That can risk the worlds population to decrease a lot.
Carefully place in the fresh leaves without spilling the water.
After 5 minutes
After 30 minutes
After one hour
Wait for an hour, taking photos after the first 5 minutes and then after the first 30 minutes.
Leaves are getting soggy. (jar 2)
The temperature of the water is rising. (jar 1)
The water is starting to evaporate. (jar 1)
The jar is getting misty and the water is evaporating a lot faster. The ice cubes have started melting. (jar 2)
The leaves are soggy and the water is evaporating much faster. (jar 1)
The gases are destroying plant and that will stop.
Jar 1 (no ice)
after 5 minutes.
Jar 2 (ice)
after 5 minutes.
Jar 1 (no ice)
after 30 minutes.
Jar 2 (ice)
after 30 minutes.
Jar 1 (no ice) after 1 hour.
Jar 2 (ice)
after 1 hour.
We would like to
thank our whole team for putting so much effort into this project. It was very nice working with our team members. We had lots of fun working on this project and we would also like to thank Mr.Durkin for helping us.
The jar is misty and the ice cubes have completely melted. (jar2)
About our experiment
Bad, very bad.
We wanted to find out about how much the greenhouse effect will change our planet.

How it is damaging our world and atmosphere.

Hurting the animals, plants and humans in this unsafe, polluted environment we live in.

To do all this, we needed to conduct an experiment to find out the effects of this destructive man-made obstacle we hope to overcome.
Bring it!
'Mercy Buckets!'
The ice cubes in the second jar at as the rapidly melting polar icecaps.
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