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Islamic Golden Age (Abbasid Caliphate)

Historical presentation emphasizing on science and engineering in the Islamic world during the Abbasid Caliphate

Remal Zahid

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of Islamic Golden Age (Abbasid Caliphate)

During the height of the Islamic empire, leaps were made in many fields of scientific knowledge, which later contributed to scientific exploration during the renaissance in Europe.
Build the first astronomical observatory
translate ancient Greek classical texts
into Arabic
Perfected and spread the Arabic alphabet and Arab numerals
Develop the Astrolabe for navigation
Developed a body of Arabic literature
and history
made some advances in agriculture, improve water distribution
Advances in medicine and health care
A school of medicine was established in Baghdad.
learned papermaking from Chinese
prisoners of war
Attacked China
Abbasids become rulers of Muslim Empire with Baghdad as centre.
Golden Age of Islam begins

Mohammed bin Ali bin abdualla bin Abas
755 - 765




to conclude
Islam seldom gets credit for
the contribution to Western life,
which they almost came first in
every aspect of
sciences and humanities.
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