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PI 2017

No description

Dani Rubim

on 5 April 2018

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Transcript of PI 2017

Excursion Destinations
Half Day: Chester, Blists Hill, Bala, Llangollen.

We require all students to make a deposit of GBP 30.00 (can be paid in Euros) on arrival at the school against any damage they may incur while at the school. This will naturally be returned at the end of their stay if they are not responsible for any damage.
When damage occurs as a result of student behaviour in a communal area and the person(s) responsible for this damage remains undetermined, it is Project International policy to make a collective charge. All students who could have reasonably caused the damage (i.e. all students resident in the relevant boarding house or class for example) will pay an equal contribution toward the
bill for damage.
2018 programme
The English Club
Centre Information
Just an idea
What to bring
The school is located close to the centre of the historic welsh border town of Oswestry. The name originates from Oswald, King of Northumbria in the 7th century, who was defeated in a battle on the site of the present school playing fields.
The school was originally founded in 1407 but has gone through many changes and expanded greatly since. It is now a highly reputable co-educational boarding school with facilities to match. The campus includes an indoor swimming pool, modern hall and dining area.
-2 pairs of jeans/trousers
-Wet weather clothing
-2 jumpers
-indoor shoes
-2 pairs of training shoes
-Towels (2)
-socks (plenty!)
-3 polo shirts
-small padlock
The facilities on offer include a swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium, Astroturf, theatre, art/craft studio as well as extensive playing fields and other recreational areas.
Accommodation is split over 4 boarding houses. The boarding houses are equipped with their own common areas. Rooms comprise a mixture of singles, doubles and quads with some larger rooms that are ideal for younger students.
A bespoke laundry service is provided by the school once a week.
On arrival, a damage deposit of £30 will be collected. This will be returned to students at the end of the course should they not be responsible for any damage

Horse Riding and Golf.
Students can specialise in one of the above activities and receive professionally qualified tuition in this field (for a supplement). More information can be obtained from PI Head Office.
(Please make sure all items of clothing are labelled with their full name or initials.)
Students may bring personal possessions such as radios, ipods, sports equipment, tennis rackets, golf clubs etc. BUT they should be clearly marked and insured. Project International accepts NO responsibility for loss or theft. We strongly recommend the students to bring a small padlock in order to increase the security of their belongings.
Pocket Money
The recommended amount is £30/40 per week for basic items, obviously more will be needed if students want to buy presents, etc…
We may need a bit more for the London Excursion and Lisbon.
In view of the problems that we have had in the past with losses and thefts, please do not allow the children to bring goods of great value, such as expensive electrical items. Project International cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to individual’s possessions.
We have a strict code of discipline and expect all students to follow the simple (and fair!) yet important rules. Should they fail to adhere to these rules then we will contact you, as the agent, and ask you to speak to the parents. We would suggest that you get the parents to speak to their son/daughter. Should this make no difference (and the child re-offends) then we will ask to have the child sent home at the parents’ expense. (Note that we fully appreciate that the students are on holiday and our rules are
based around the huge importance we attach to safety/security and respect for other people and other people’s property as well as obeying the laws of the UK).
Please be sure to let us have details of any allergies and/or dietary requirements that any of your group may have as well as medication that they may be on. Also, any such medication should be handed to our Welfare Director immediately upon arrival at the school with clear instructions as to when/how often medication should be taken and in what quantity.
Students have Internet access in the School IT suite only under supervision of PI staff. There is limited access to WiFi in Boarding houses and main building, depending on the devices.
Generally, bed linen is changed once a week at each of our schools. For personal laundry, a bespoke service is provided for essentials such as shirts, socks and underwear once a week. No dry cleaning is accepted.
Evening snacks are NOT included. PI staff will be able to advise group leaders where to buy if necessary. Snacks can be arranged but will be chargeable; if required, they must be booked BEFORE arrival.
Transfer to the centre
Our staff will meet you at the airport (or station) and take you to the centre. Hopefully you will be excited to be with your new friends in England; others may feel a little nervous about being away from home, so be as friendly as possible. Project International will ensure that you arrive at the centre safely, settle in well and make yourself at home. This section will give you information about your arrival at the
centre and explain the roles of our staff.

Most transfers will be by coach (or taxi for smaller groups and individual students)
and will be accompanied by Project International representative(s). Our staff will be holding a sign and wearing a ‘Project staff’ shirt so that you can easily identify whom you should follow. If you are in a group, please listen to your Group Leader(s) carefully and follow their instructions. Please remember that it can be very busy and crowded in the airport so we need your full attention.
Depending on the centres and the arrival airport, the transfer may take a few hours. In some cases, you may travel with other groups on the coach. If you have any problems (lost property, sickness, etc) at this stage, please let our staff
When travelling by coach, we have some simple rules:
Rules of Project International (PI) Coach Travel
1) Always stay seated. No walking in the isle when the coach is moving.
2) Always use the seatbelts provided.
3) No eating on the coach
Do`s and don`ts
Student`s Rules
1) BE LATE!!!!!
2) Cause malicious damage; you WILL be charged. This extends to letting off of fire extinguishers (the charge will be a flat £50 for this.)
3) Wander into the town on your own.
4) Smoke on school premises.
5) Drink alcohol on school premises (remember you MUST be over 18 in this country to drink alcohol.)
6) Go into ANY area of the school that is OUT OF BOUNDS.
7) Take other people's property.
8) Enter other people's bedroom/house without permission.
9) Make excessive noise after bedtimes.
10) Leave money/valuables in your rooms.
11) Use fire doors as means of general exit from buildings.
1) Be punctual for ALL meals, lessons, activities, social events and excursions;
2) Feel free to use all the available facilities (though some, like the sports hall, require you to have Project staff present.)
3) Attend all evening social events; the more the merrier!
4) Mix with the other nationalities and speak ENGLISH as much as possible.
5) Carry ID with you when you go off campus...it should indicate your name and address/telephone number of the College.
6) Respect all equipment and property around the school as if they were your own.
7) Report ALL damage IMMEDIATELY.
8) Ask for help/assistance from Project staff whenever you need it; we are here 24 hours a day!!
9) Feel free to tell us if you are not happy with ANY area of the programme (food, tuition, activities, excursions etc.)
10) Feel free to give us new ideas (regarding food, entertainment etc.)
11) Respect other people's privacy.
12) Make the most of your stay in England.
13) Tell us if you are allergic to any foods, or have a medical condition.
14) Tell us if you are unhappy or homesick.
15) ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!
English Plus Options
Full Day: Manchester, Liverpool, Llandudno, Birmingham

Considerações finais
Durante a nossa estadia a temperatura deve variar entre 10 e 24 graus Celsius com bastante chuva em alguns dias.
- Preencher ficha médica
- Preencher autorização do uso da imagem
- Camisetas
- Escanear passaportes
- Seguros

English Classes
On the day following arrival, there will be an English Placement Test to place the students into a suitable class. The students then have 15 hours of English lessons per week, with an emphasis on interaction and conversation. At the end of the course, a certificate is awarded to each student. Please also note that a 'Use of English' course can be offered to groups with a high level of English.
The course includes
topics such as drama,
debating skills &
public speaking.
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