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Energy Management

Our Prezi

Jason Siegel

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Energy Management

Energy Management Solar-PV Wind Energy Solar Thermal Geothermal Option 1: Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Sized for current demand (300,000 kWhr/yr)
All cost covered by PPA developer
Fixed, reduced utility rate $0.08-0.12 Option 2: College Owned System Sized based on available capital
Average initial cost of $5.31 per kWhr/yr
Payback of approximately 22 years Our Goal:
Smallest Carbon Footprint.
Lowest Cost.
Conservation Clean Generation Smart Integration Solution II: Building Mounted Turbines Solution I: Vertical Axis Turbines Limitations:
Uni-directional wind
Noise Traditional Wind Turbines Option I: Single Custom Collector Option II: Array of Small Collectors Option 1: Vertical Loop
Urban Spaces
Option 2: Horizontal Loop
Open Spaces
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