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12 Steps of the Hero's Journey (The Lion King)

No description

Betssy V

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of 12 Steps of the Hero's Journey (The Lion King)

12 Steps of the Hero's Journey
Betssy Vidals
1st period
Ordinary World

Simba is the son of Mufasa the king of Pride land. Therefore making Simba the next future king of Pride Land. Simba also has his family together and they are happy.
Call to Adventure
Simba blames himself for his father's death .And decides to leave Pride Rock. When Simba is all grown up he is reunited with his childhood friend Nala.Nala tries to convince him to comeback and take his throne back as the king for the good of Pride Rock.
Refusal of the Call
Still feeling guilty for his father's death. Simba rejects Nala's offer,of returning to Pride Rock thinking that is the only way of escaping the past.
The Mentor
After meeting with Rafiki, he tells Simba that his father was never dead but living inside of him always. And also that it's okay to make mistakes because you always learn from them.
Crossing the First Threshold
Simba decides to go back to Pride Rock to take his throne back, and ready to face his past and the consequences.
The Special World
When Simba reaches Pride Rock he sees what his uncle(Scar) had did to the land. And now even more ready to take his throne back. And he also notices that he is not by himself that he has friend now.Like Timon and Pumba.
Approch to the Innmost Cave
After Scar hits Sarabi ( Simba's mother) he gets mad and tells Scar to give him one good reason why he shouldn't kill him, and also to step down from the throne or to be ready to fight for it.
The Supreme Ordeal
After Scar reveals the "thuth'' about that it was Simaba that killed his father, the whole lion heard gets surprised. Scar accuses Simba of being a murder, but when Simba tries to explain what happened he falls of a cliff and was just barley holding on.
Scar tells Simba that the situation they where inn looked a whole lot familiar when he killed Mufasa. Making Simba jump on him and making him tell the lion heard and his mother that it was acutually him that had killed Mufasa and not Simba.
The Road Back
Simba along with his friends,
and the whole lion heard fight together to defeat the hyenas.
The Resurrection
Simba chases Scar up the rock and gives him a chance to leave Pride Rock and never ever come back. But he refuses and starts fighting Simba. Simba pushes him of the cliff not killing him. But only to be kill by the hyenas.
Return with Elixir
fter Simba defeates Scar he takes his rightful throne back and is crowned king of Pride Land. And also has a child of his own.
Archetypes and the Hero
Hero - Simba
Mentor- Mufasa, Rafiki
Trickster- Timon and Pumba
Shadow - Scar
Shapeshifter - Scar
Herald- Nala
Threshold Guardians- Simba's past and the hyenas
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