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Plant Simile Rubric (College Campus)

No description

Madhava N.

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant Simile Rubric (College Campus)

Plant Cell Simile
By:Madhava Narasimhadevara

The Cytoplasm in a plant cell are like campus grounds because the cytoplasm provides a surface for the organelles to sit on, just like the campus grounds provides a surface for the buildings to sit on.
Cytoplasm (Campus Ground)
The Mitochondria in a plant cell are like power plants because the Mitochondria makes energy for the cells so they can function properly, just like power plants make electricity for the college.

(Power Plants)
Ribosomes in a plant cell are like Professors in a college because Ribosomes use the instructions delivered from the DNA of the nucleus to create proteins, just like Professors create the curriculum which is used to teach students.

Ribosomes (Professors)
Golgi Body (Diplomas)
The Golgi Body in a plant cell is like a Diploma because the Golgi receives proteins, packages them, and distributes them to where they need to go, just like the Diplomas package the education so that it can be distributed into the world.

The Nucleus in a plant cell is like a Dean of a college because the nucleus directs all of the functions of a cell, just like the dean controls all the activities of the college.

Nucleus (The Dean)
Cell Wall (Brick Wall)
The Cell Wall in a plant cell are like the brick walls around a college campus because the Cell Wall protects the cells by providing a rigid, structural support for a cell, just like the brick walls protect the students from intruders.

Cell Membrane
(Student I.D)
The Cell Membrane in a plant cell is like the Student I.D because the Cell Membrane controls which substances can enter and leave the cell, just like the Student I.D allows which students can enter the building.

Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Endoplasmic Reticulum in a plant cell are like College Students because the Endoplasmic Reticulum is responsible for transporting proteins throughout the cell, just like the Students absorb the education that they learn from the professors and apply them in their daily lives.

Vacuole (Cafeterias)
Vacuoles in a plant cell are like college cafeterias because Vacuoles store food, water, and waste for a cell, just like cafeterias store food, drinks, and have garbage cans to throw away trash.
Chloroplasts (Electrical Appliances)
Chloroplasts in a plant cell are like electrical appliances because Chloroplasts trap sun energy to make food, just like electrical appliances use electricity to function.

Protein : Education
A Plant Cell Is Like : College Campus
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