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SANCCOB Waste Management Plan

Recycling Initiative

Akhona Mbenyana

on 10 September 2011

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Transcript of SANCCOB Waste Management Plan

Waste Management Plan Ideally or Essential? Essential: CCT integrated Waste Management by law: waste generator must
avoid generating waste if not;
separate waste and reduce its environmental impact
store recyclables separately from non-recyclables
re-use,recycle waste where possible Gaps identified
very few recyclabes are identified(Canteen)
lack of knowledge and identifying recyclables
no separation of waste
office paper the most waste SANCCOB generates what are the cost to this? Take a Guess! environmental
social(Life style)
financially What is the solution into this? Recycling Initiative estimated cost: R600.00 03-10-11 Education and awareness
Lunch hour talks on waste management
environmental videos
private tours-insight on recycling (if applicable)
Reminder to staff to be more eco-freindly
Cost : Free
Canteen recycling station two bins with recycling/non reycling logos + laminated recycling guide Veggie Garden
Recycled organic will be used ( warm farm)
community soup garden( not under the budget) Why SANCCOB needs this Compliance: In line with waste standards,
improves coperate social responsility

decrease in waste management costs
reduce the amount of waste going to landfill

Corporate Social responsibilty
enhance green image
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