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Rough Draft

No description

Spencer Minette

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Rough Draft

About E&R
Value Statement
Historical Timeline
Core Competencies
Complete Chain of Custody
Student Profile and Benefits

Our utilities generate the following savings with every load of laundry we do:
Plant Layout

E&R - The Campus Laundry
Customer Engagement
Route Representatives
Customer Service - Team/Tracking
Bundle Packing
Project Blanket
Value Statement
The Campus Laundry helps students to succeed by freeing up time to pursue outside activities and interests thus providing an
academic advantage.
We provide a
value-added service to colleges
by employing Student Laundrepreneurs, creating a revenue stream, enabling student satisfaction, and enhancing student convenience.
Core Competencies
State-of-the-art facility
Industry leading technology and standards
Staff and expertise and experience
Sustainability Leadership
Process refinements and continuous quality improvement
Complete Chain of Custody
We take 100% control from pick up through delivery and therefore take 100% of the responsibility.
In-house production facilities
In-house customer service team
On-site manager ("Laundrepreneur")
Direct communication with parents and students
Student Profile and Benefits
Our service is designed for students who:
Have demanding extracurricular and academic schedules
Internships, athletics, jobs, clubs, etc.
Appreciate the benefits that our service offers
No time spent fighting for a free washer and dryer to use
A healthy lifestyle that saves you time
We provide an Academic Advantage!
Dry Cleaning
86% Water
64% Gas
80% Electric
Processing facility employs heat reclamation water re-use, and maximization of wet cleaning vs. dry cleaning
Optimized routes to minimize effect of fleet on environment
Recycle stations and hanger caddies are located at all of our schools. Stations provide a place for students to deposit poly bags and wire hangers for us to recycle.
Last year we recycled over 400 pounds of hangers per week.
Utility Savings
E&R Laundry Bag - Our E&R Laundry bag is designed to hold clean clothes neatly in place without plastic shrink wrap, cardboard or paper.
This design saves over 25,000 pounds of plastic, cardboard and paper this year.
Environmentally Responsible
Water usage minimization technology saves more than
10,000,000 gallons annually
Direct-Fire Hot Water Heater -
97% Efficiency Rating
vs. 70-80% Efficiency of Typical Units
Extreme Extract Technology
- Spin Cycle Wicks Away Water so Dryers Work Less and
Save Gas Usage
- Established as retail laundry and dry cleaning operation in Manchester, NH
- Initiated service to Boarding Preparatory schools with first customer being Phillips Exeter Academy
- Expanded services to the College & University market
- Began implementing key sustainability initiatives in response to customer input
Route Representatives
Customer Service
Bundle Packing
Project Blanket
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