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Habits Of Mind

No description

raymon xian

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Habits Of Mind

Habits Of Mind
There are many habits of mind
Here are just a few
-Thinking and communicating with -clarity and precision
-Managing impulsivity
-Gathering data through all senses
-Listening with understanding and empathy
-Creating, imagining, innovating
The habit of mind i will be talking about today will be
Managing Impulsivity!
- a character in Harry Potter.
- plans to take over the world.
- vows to kill Harry Potter

How Does He Manage Impulsivity?
- when servants do some thing wrong he tries not to be too angry since they all have a task to kill Harry Potter

Voldemort loses his temper
What Is A Habit Of Mind

- Knowing how to behave intelligently when you're confronted with problems.

- Demands strategic reasoning, perseverance, creativity, and craftsmanship.

- Requires drawing forth certain patterns of intellectual behavior that produce powerful results.

What is managing impulsivity
- road rage, anger management = a bad impulse

- calmness, planning, organization = a good impulse

- able to set goals and keep their plans on track

- thoughtful and considered in their actions

-not rushed or hurried
By Raymon
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