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bullying T.V. commercial/advertisement GRADE 7


teresa siewnarine

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of bullying T.V. commercial/advertisement GRADE 7

What is this advertisement selling? This advertisement is selling a message. What is the main idea and message of this advertisement? I think the message of this advertisement is don’t be afraid, and just speak up, and tell someone if you are being bully. I know that this is the main idea /message because the boy in this commercial was being called names and basically picked on by a kid,so when the boy in the commercial told his mother, he knew everything would be alright. Who is the target audience for this advertisement? The target audience for this advertisement is children and teens because in this commercial it says if you’re being bullied, telling an adult is the best way to make it stop, so essentially they are trying to tell kids to speak up and tell an adult. Where might you find this type of advertisement? You might find this type of advertisement on the internet, TV, channel spectacolor, and more, because people post all types of bullying videos on the internet. Also, you might find this type of advertisement on the TV and the channel spectacolor because people want to spread the word to stop bullying and that there are so many people who get bully every single day. You might find this advertisement on channels children like to watch like Y.T.V. Who is represented in this advertisement? In this advertisement there is:
A white, little boy named Timmy (Victim)
A white mother (Adult)
A white, little boy in the same school as Timmy (Bully)
The setting takes place in Timmy's house
It starts off with Timmy waking up in bed. Next, Timmy goes to the bathroom.Then, he goes to the kitchen.
The bully is always near Timmy.
In the end the mom steps in when Timmy is going to tell on the bully and then the bully goes away. Who or what do you think is missing from this advertisement? I think a bystander or a proper ending is missing from this advertisement. I think they should have either a young bystander or a proper conclusion for this advertisement because a young bystander would show that they saw what was going on (like Timmy being picked on) and they could be a witness for what they saw and stick up for Timmy . Also, a proper ending would show what happens when you tell an adult that you’re being bullied because they never did show what the mom did when Timmy told his mom about being bullied by a mean boy. One of my favorite T.V. advertisement:
Morning Timmy Commercial THE END! T.V. INTERNET Channel
Spectacolor By: Teresa Siewnarine 7D
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