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The impact of brand sponsorship

No description

Hannah McLean

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of The impact of brand sponsorship

"The impact of brand sponsorship of music festivals"
Rowley, Jennifer & Williams, Catrin, 2008, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 26 No.7 pp. 781-792

The purpose of this article was to provide research into UK music festivals, specifically looking at:

- The impact that sponsorship has on brand recall, brand
awareness, brand attitude, brand use and brand associations.
-The negative effects that sponsorship can have on a brand.

This research is considered important because there has been very little research regarding sponsorship of music festivals.

A questionnaire was chosen as the main data collection method.
-138 respondents What is sponsorship?
"Supporting an event, activity or organisation by providing money or other resources that is of value to the sponsored event. This is usually in return for advertising space at the event or as part of the publicity for the event".

Sponsorship can play a valuable role within the company's marketing strategy.
Sponsorship is a way to connect with customers on a more emotional level.

Sponsorship deals can lead to great amounts of publicity, which aids promotion Overview of presentation Why do companies choose to sponsor
art music and leisure events? Companies choose to sponsor events for many reasons.

It help increase brand awareness.
It establishes, strengthens or changes a brands image.
It is a means of embedding brands in cultures.
Brand exposure in popular entertainment helps improve image of the brands.
If a company or product is associated with a particular brand, event or person, this will have a particular affect on the product or company, either positive or negative. Values associated with
the sponsoring brands Most sponsoring brands have been extremely successful in associating the enjoyment of music festivals with their brand.



Virgin Mobile Would you use sponsorship? In conclusion, it is apparent that sponsorship does little harm to a brand therefore, if we were a large manufacturer, we would consider this type of sponsorship.

However, it is important that it be used as part of a marketing strategy in order to enhance and support other elements of the brand. The impact of brand sponsorship What is sponsorship?
Overview of article
Why do companies choose to sponsor art music and leisure events?
Why would companies that manufacture alcohol be interested in music festivals?
Questionnaire used in research
Brand results
Major concerns
Values associated with the sponsoring brands
Would you use sponsorship? Overview of article Questionnaire used in research Brand results Major concerns Why would companies that manufacture
alcohol be interested in music festivals? Brand Association.

Target Audiences.

Creates brand image.

Embeds the brand in the culture.

Emotional connection with brand. A questionnaire was used to collect data because it was quick, efficient and easy for the respondents to understand.
The questionnaire was split into four sections:

1. Demographic profile of respondents.

2. Respondents to identify the last music festival they attended.

3. Brands recall, attitude and awareness.

4. Attitudes towards alcohol sponsorship.

Additional qualitative information was collected in the form of an online forum. BRAND RECALL
73% of respondents remembered the correct brand
11% did not know
16% gave an incorrect brand name

Only 4% showed increased awareness
The majority, 34%, had no increase in awareness of the brand

Most respondents said there was no change (36%)
21% said that their attitude had changed "a moderate amount" Respondents were asked to express any major concerns they had about sponsorship, both generally and specifically in regards to companies that manufacture alcohol sponsoring music festivals.

When asked about alcohol sponsorship, 73% did not think this type of sponsorship should be banned.
Respondents appeared to be, for the most part, unconcerned.

When asked about sponsorship in general, 52% expressed no concerns and 35% were worried.
Some concerns may in relation to how appropriate they view the sponsoring brands to be or the commercial pressures associated with sponsorship. References "The impact of brand sponsorship of music festivals", Rowley, Jennifer & Williams, Catrin, 2008, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 26 No. 7 pp. 781-792

"Marketing An Introduction, Second Edition", Armstrong et al. 2012.

bbc.co.uk Case Study : 85000 people descend on T in the Park over a 4 day period

Pepsi Max
BBC Radio 1
Lucozade Caitlin McGlone, Hannah McLean,
Erin McCann and Rebecca Mcfarlane
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