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Health and Fitness

No description

Cameron Whitfield

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Health and Fitness

Be Healthy, Feel Better
three F's
Fitness is composed of three main components; Physical fitness, Nutrition, and Mental fitness.
Physical fitness is essential to a healthy better life. Not only will it help you be in shape, it helps you feel better in terms of health. Being active gets the heart pumping, blood flowing and lungs pumping which will help to build a stronger body and immune system.
Benefits of Being Active
People who are active live longer because it slows down the aging process
It makes you feel better because your body releases endorphins into your body which is a chemical that makes you feel happy which will help you relieve stress
Tips for Exercising
Choosing an exercise you find fun and exciting will make you more encouraged to workout like walking with friends, playing sports and running.
Types of exercising
Cardio- 30 minutes a day

Weight Lifting- upper body, lower body, arms

Sports- soccer, football, hockey etc.

Circuit Training- includes elements of cardio and weightlifting
3) Eat Naturally
4) Go Organic
5) Avoid Chemical Toxins
2) Food=Energy
Eating healthy is the most important part to becoming a better you
Seven key things to remember when choosing food to eat
1) Don't overeat
Eating until you are full can result in overeating. Try to eat until you a no longer hungry. It takes 20 minutes for the body to tell you whether or not you are still hungry
The main source of energy for us humans is food. This is what food is primarily for. Our bodies turn food into energy and eating foods like bananas assist with turning food into energy. Without food, you'd have no energy
Eating processed foods made in factories exposes your body to artificial preservatives which are known to be very toxic. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables which occur naturally and have no added chemicals to them. Look on the labels of foods for the ingredients. If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it!
Organic foods are known to have many health benefits. Trying to buy organic foods at the supermarket and always pick the freshest and cleanest looking fruits and vegetables. Avoid canned fruit.
Even though it says "sugar free" or "no calories", it can still be bad for you. the sugar is often replaced with a different chemical that is harmful to your health.
6) Eat smaller portions
Using smaller plates and bowls will trick you into eating the right amount of food. It will also prevent over eating.
7) Things don't happen over night
Practicing good nutrition is something that has to be consistent. Although you may not see the benefits right away, they will come eventually. Don't be discouraged!
Drink water everyday

Get at least 8 hours of sleep

Get back on track right away

Start today!
The most important part about being a healthy being, is being healthy mentally. Accepting who you are is essential to becoming better as a person. Having a positive attitude towards life will result in positive living. Being mentally aware of oneself is very important. If you don't accept yourself as a person, you won't become better.
Tips to a Positive Life
Don't compare yourself to others

Positive attitude=Positive outcomes

Surround yourself in positive attitudes

Workout to relieve stress

Eat healthy to release endorphins
Be at peace with your body
Being the "ideal" skinny or muscular may not always be healthy. Learn to love and accept who you are.
To be fit, you do not have to be overly muscular and defined. Many times, this is unachievable without the use of illegal drugs which can do more harm to the body than good.
To be "thin" or "skinny" you don't have to starve yourself which is usually how models get this way. This is very unhealthy for the body. Rather than neglecting to nourish the body, simply working out and eating health will tone your body. "Thigh gaps" "visible hip bones and collar bones"do not define your health. Only you can. You'll not only be healthy on the inside, but you will also look healthy on the outside.
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