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My Question: BY DONAVEN

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Kathryn Larsen

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of My Question: BY DONAVEN

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How many different ways do people learn?
My Question is
My First Evidence Piece.
My first evidence piece comes form a ted talk.
A chemistry teacher said the best way of leaning is QUESTIONS.
My Second Piece of Evidence for Learning.
Made by a ted talk.
My Last Piece of Evidence
My family did the survey.
Is a survey.

The Way I Solved My Question: BY Donaven Welker
The Second Piece of Leaning is you Learn by Making Mistakes.
You learn by making mistakes and if you don't you can't really learn and that comes from a ted talk but the person who said it was a teacher and she saw that students learn when they make mistakes.
He has been teaching for 13 years and just this one he learned that having them ask questions are the key of learning.
My sister said that there is three ways of learning, but my father said there was more than three ways.
My Theory of Learning.
In my words.
I believe that there is way more than three ways of learning but there are three main ways of learning.
I say that there is more ways than we can count, we just don't know them all.
I believe that making mistakes, asking questions, listening, looking at how others do what they want, and hands on experience,
That is the way of learning!
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