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Sochi 2014 Olympic Sponsorship Evaluation: Samsung

No description

Xin Zhao

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Sochi 2014 Olympic Sponsorship Evaluation: Samsung

Message Analysis
Advertising Strategy
Presents The Moment
Devices' functions
Samsung's device lend a hand to creative activities
Present the coolness combining music and sports
Shared only on the Internet
Digital Leveraging - WOW app
Attitude-change strategy
Means-end chain model
100 M intractions
85,000 cheerings
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games
Message Analysis
Target Audience
Introduction of Olympic Games
Samsung Electronics' Strengths/Weaknesses
Advertising Strategy
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Jiayi Fan, Lanxing Li, Yiqiu Zhang, Xin Zhao
History of Samsung
Samsung Profile
Samsung's Involvement in Sports Sponsorship & the Olympic Games
In 1938 - Began as general store in Korea
The 1960s - Became a significant business in Korea
The 1980s - Expanded its influence in the International market
Olympic Games:
1988 - Seoul Olympic Games
1997 - Began to sponsor in the International Olympic Games
Offer approximately 58,000 units at Nagano (1998), Sydney (2000), and Salt Lake City (2002) Olympic Games
Supply 20,000 units products at the 2002 Olympic winter Games
Other Sports Sponsorship:
Offer 3,600 electronic products at the 2002 Busan Asian Games
2005 - Sponsor Chelsea FC, top English Premier League team
Sponsor - NBA & NFL
Sochi 2014 Olympic Sponsorship Evaluation: Samsung
XXII Olympic Winter Games
Held February 7 and 23
1st Olympic after disintegration of Soviet Union
In Sochi 2014 Olympic Games:
98 events in categorized in 15 disciplines
Held in 2 key areas:
Olympic Park - the city in the Imeretinsky Valley
The resort settlement of Krasnaya Polyana
Samsung Electronics
Subsidiary Coporation
Largest manufacturers to sell electronic components/products
Samsung Electronics' history moment:
1969 - white/black TV
1970 - washing machine
1997 - CDMA
2000 - Galaxy
2009 - highest volume on TV sales
Based on E-Marketer's Analysis
>40% ($30k-$100k/year) buy Samsung
Target audience
men/women in the middle class
Strenghs & Weaknesses
Strong Market Position
32.1% market share in 2013
Multi-Channel Sales Distribution
Sell all over the world
Large amount of ad investment
more than $600 million per year
Patent Litigations
Samsung Paid more than $1 billion to Apple
No unique operating system
Dependent on Android system
Samsung's official commercial
introduce product knowledge
provide solutions to problems
endorsers-Stale Sandbech
inspire resonance
Message Analysis
Advertising Strategy
Galaxy Family
Children inspired by Olympics
Emotional connection
Samsung helps record every wonderful moment
Message Analysis
Advertising Strategy
Jamaican Bobsled Pseudo-Documentary
Salute to all the athlets headed Sochi
Connect to consumer by sharing the same wishes for the athlets
Evaded the marketing apperance
Adjust perception
Advertising Strategy
Media Vehicle Analysis
Major platform
Ranking System
Socia media network
Future subscription
Twitter hashtags create hype
Each form has its own merits and serve different levels of communication
Interactive and instant, makes Samsung humane and closer to consumers
TV is the major medium for broadcasting
Buy non-Olympic time slots to decrease spending and get wider coverage
Video Support
On-site Presence
Samsung Sponsorhsip Activity in Sochi 2014
Print Ad in the venues.
Samsung Galaxy Studios
interact with Samsung's latest technology
maximized intentional exposure
construct product knowledge
share the same positive feelings with consumer
congrunene between the brand and event
First time official games phone
3,000 athelets
Official Olympic Games Phone
Wireless Olympic Works
-Puclic ver. -Olympic Family ver.
Galaxy Studio
Athlete Partnerships
Samsung Galaxy Team
85 Athelets from 20 countries
Samsung Mobilers
Design the moment campaign with Australian athletes
Sponsor Jamaican Bobsleigh team to "push their dream
Organize Samsung Galaxy team
Samsung Galaxy Team
"Design Your Moment"
Collaborate with Australian Athletes
Share experiences
create own Olympic moments
Interact and engage between brand & customers
Raise awareness of Samsung Electronics & Products
1 million views
Jamacian Team
Push dreams
Build a positive brand image
Not only focus on reputation & profitability
But also be active in social public events & charity
It's not about winning, it's not about challenging human limits,
I snowboard, 'cause I'm crazy about it
Emotional appeals to trigger affection&cognition system
Literature Review
Sport sponsorship
Stage relevant situations
- A powerful marketing strategy
- Goal: Orient customers' preferences toward sponors products (Barros & Silvestre, 2006)
Brand awareness
- Firms get engaged with sponsorship(Cornwell and Maignan, 1998)
- Consumers would associate with both sporting events and celebrities(Gwinner,1997)
Share sporting experiences
Interact with supporters
Promote spirit of Olympic Games
Team performance & Sports stars promote purchasing intention
No exact data for sale volume BUT over 13 million viewers, and 835 K subscribers
Increase brand perception and consideration
Attract potential customers to purchase
Different forms of commercials to fit into different kinds of media
Building associations
- Goal: Brand Leveraging the image of the event (Meenaghan, 2001)
- Sponsorship can develop and communicate a valuable brand association (Gwinner and Eaton, 1999)
Consumer behavior
4 parts, 20 mins
- Sponsorship campaign will effect consumers' attitude toward sponsor (Biscaia et al. 2013)
18,000 mobile devices Olympic family members.
Mobiles connected directly to Samsung’s WOW app
Canadian market: #bringithome campaign.
Free Trial: Shaping the consumers
Promotion: influence the probability of purchase or other desired behaviors

more than 2 Million views
Evoke intrinsic relevance not just superficil recognition
Neutral stimuli becomes capable of eliciting positive reaction.
"show me what you can do"
maybe I could do more
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