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Where there is No Occupational Health Professional

Applying a popular education model to occupational Health

Miriam Lara

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Where there is No Occupational Health Professional

workers organizers activists unions employers/companies OSH professionals Actionable information ILO Labor and OSH academics Nice to know Useful to know ESSENTIAL to know Aim to teach at what is most essential Start from people's experience + Relevant information + Demystify information + Acknowledge context Human, compassionate line drawings NO cartoons! Stories Rainbow of Solutions 1 working person A small group of workers A large group of workers Unions and other groups The whole factory The community What can... DO? use simple, familiar words translate "professional" jargon Active voice empowering language Challenge the idea that "professionals or outsiders know best." Explore root causes Express challenging ideas HOW to make information actionable? = Everybody is an expert Validate people's experience Validates people's knowledge Miriam Lara miriam@hesperian.org

Occupational Health Promoters in electronics factories? www.hesperian.org Activities Hesperian Health Guides Where There is No..... Occupational Health Professional? Part of A Workers' Guide to Health and Safety Combine with other elements to provide useful information. Help express conflict What is essential information? What tools can we give workers in electronics? If you are interested in being part of this project: A Workers' Guide to Health and Safety
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