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Vincent Van Gogh

2013-Project by ESL students from different levels. All contributions were accepted and a leader was appointed to edit and correct the final presentation

Debora Tebovich

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh
Students Generated Content
1st Round:
What have you learnt about
Vincent van Gogh?
What else would you like to learn about Van Gogh?
Starry Starry Night
Choose some of your favorite pictures
Find one picture Van Gogh painted before going to Paris and one after he went to Paris. How similar or different are they?
Cafe Terrace
The Pietà
Wheat Field with Cypresses
Old Church Tower at Nuenen
The Church at Auvers

The Old Church at Nuenen is painted in dark muddying colors (as was standard for Gogh's Early Paintings)
The painting is a literal representation of the church, sky and surroundings.
The use of color is very minimal. The dark church and light sky keep the eye focused on the building.
The Church at Auvers is painted in the bright colors of the impressionist and post impressionists
The free forming lines cause the subject (the church) to become wavy and appear to be bending or melting
The vivid color schemes move the onlookers eyes around the painting
His art and life were very connected. He grew up in rural Holland. He painted "Potatoes Eaters". He had affinity with poor people. He was religious and he studied to be a pastor but his passion was to paint. He moved to Paris. He met the Impressionists, he experimented an explosion of colors. He became depressed. He lived in a hospital and found peace. But finally, he shot himself and died
Why did he feel so lonely?
Did he not have a family? --> How was his relationship with his family?
I would like to learn about his thick brushes --> What was so special about his brushes?
How was his relationship with his brother Theo?
Why did he cut his ear? Did he cut his ear?
How was his relationship with Gauguin?
Who brought him up?
Did he ever fall in love? -->How did he relate to love?
Why did he paint so many self-portraits?
Who were his friends?
Did he ever experience moments of happiness? --> When was he happy?
How did he get to the mental hospital? Was it his own decision or somebody took him there?
Where is his grave?

Vincent was born in dutch village., and he had empathy with working people. In Holland, his painting was dark. Then he went to Paris and discovered bright colors. In the south of France he painted a lot of canvases. Unfortunately he became very depressed and shot himself.

Van Gogh's Ear
There are different theories about what happened to Van Gogh’s left ear.
Some people think he cut his ear after a discussion with his friend Gauguin, and he took a razor blade and cut it off.
And other people think Gauguin cut Van Gogh’s ear in the middle of a discussion with a sword.
Van Gogh put a band aid on his ear and went to a bordello and asked a prostitute for help, but she fainted, so Vincent went back home.
The next morning the prostitute called the police and they went to Van Gogh's home. Van Gogh was unconscious in bed. The police took him to the hospital.
The next morning when Vincent woke up he called his friend Gauguin, but Gauguin didn't want to see him.

He had one brother and one sister .His father was a protestant minister
In 1888, Van Gogh left Paris and went to Arles, Bouches-du-Rh, France. He was impressed with the local landscape and found an inspiring art colony.
He decorated a "yellow house" and created a celebrated series of yellow sunflower paintings for this purpose.
He met Gauguin, they had a mutual admiration. However their encounter ended in a quarrel.
Van Gogh suffered a mental breakdown and cut off part of his left ear, which he gave to a startled prostitute friend. Gauguin left in December 1888.

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh
What do you know about Vincent Van Gogh?

What would you like to learn about Him?
about his paintings
about his life
his loves
his passion
his health
his ear
the evolution of his paintings
What kind of art did he paint?
How did his paintings evolve in time?
Where was he from?
When was he born?
What did he express in his paintings?
Did he use lots of colors? --> What colors did he use?
Did he get money while he was alive or did he become famous after death?
Did he have a family? --> How was his family life?
Steps 2 & 3
Step 1 - Scaffolding
Step 4 - Prototype
Video clips
Compare moments in his paintings
Collect your learning(s)
Writing a story
Record your voice

Starry Night
Student's voice
Adriana Sorrentino
Alicia Echazarreta


©Debbie Tebovich
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