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1970's Slang

No description

Nina Test

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of 1970's Slang

1970's Slang
Be there or be square
Slang Definition- Attend or you're not cool

Origin- The word 'square' used to mean an honest person, but shifted to mean lame. If you're going to an important place with friends but didn't show up then you wouldn't be cool

Example- Ashley said, "Jack, you better show up the movies tonight with the rest of gang." Jack responded, "Be there or be square, right?"
Let's blow this taco stand
Slang Definition- Let's leave

Origin- "Let's blow" like the wind,depart. "this taco stand" refers to any establishment

Example- Julie was at a conference listening to a motivational speaker. She turned and looked at her friend, Mindy, and said, "This is so pointless. Let's blow this taco stand."
Original Definition- the human soul,spirit, or mind

Slang Definition- to trick someone

Origin: Methods in psychology can be used to mess with people's minds and to trick them. Psyche came from the word psychology

Example: Johnny told Jenny to go get the highlighters out of the closet, and when she did, a bucket of water fell on her head, and Johnny was like psyche!
Original definition- to feel cold or have a sudden fear

Slang Definition- relax

Origin- Chill the opposite of heat. When a person's heated they're angry. It came from middle and old English.

Example- Jimmy was screaming at Lisa for running over his foot, and Lisa's boyfriend Bob was like "Whoa Jim, chill. It's just a foot."
Gimme Five

Slang definition- slap hands, high five

Origin- High fives were a popular thing. Obviously, the word 'five' in 'gimme five' is referring to your five fingers

Example- "That was tight yo, gimme five!"
Right On
Original Definition- exactly right or to the point.

Slang Definition- used to say you agree with someone

Origin- If someone's right on point, then you agree with them.

Example- Mandy said, "This homework is sooo pointless," and then, Joe responded "Right on!"
Slang Definition- Sign of surprise

Origin- It came from a slang word frequently used in the 1970's and is still well known in the kids tv show "Scooby Doo"

Example- After finding a clue Velma said "Jinkies!"
Original Definition- A long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving.

Slang Definition- Clothing

Origin- Threads are what make up your clothing so people just started using that

Example- Sarah loved Maggie's new outfit, and she said, "Maggie, nice threads!"
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