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Number the Stars By: julia martinez

No description


on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Number the Stars By: julia martinez

Numbers the Stars

By Lois Dowry

Lancky : tall and thin
Stocky : thick or fat
Dawdle : to waste time
Sneer: to laugh at someone in a mean way
Torment : to bother or annoy someone
Pout : to pres your lips together
Obstinate: hard to convince
Impassive: Not showing emotion
Submerged:To go below the surface of an area of water
Plodding : to walk with difficulty


Annemaire is a lancky girl that means that she is tall and thin. She rans really fast her family is Juish.
Ellen is a stocky girl that meand that she is thick or fat. Ellen is Annemaire´s best friend. The religion that Ellen´s family does is no acepted in there country.
Kirst is Annemaire´s little sister
the Giraf
The giraf is a tall solder that standsd in every corner o the town.
The story takes place in World War II.
A part world war II was when the German solders came and distroid the Juish proporty, took ther food away, treat them like if they were lass then the German. Because in that time some people thought that the only people who are people are the ones that act and think like them but that is no right.

The story is about how 2 familys need to over come the world war II and how they sufer, how they are happy how they are terrifide, how they loese family members and friends.
If I could I would not chnge the ending of the story because I think that it is all part of live and even thou it is sad that is how live is.
l rally recomend this book because it shows you ho it was in the old days is is realistic fiction so l really recomend this book.
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