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Monarch Butterfly

No description

suzy hamlett

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly
Life Cycle
A Monarch Butterfly can lay up to 400 eggs. An egg will hatch in 3 days.
Monarch Caterpillar
The Monarch Caterpillar will shed its skin 5 times. Each stage is called an instar.
The monarch is in the chryalis for 7-10 days.
The chrysalis isn't a cocoon
This is a girl butterfly
This is a boy butterfly
Monarchs migrate to
Mexico in the fall.
Any questions?
How much do they eat?
Let's put it this way:
If WE were Monarch caterpillars
we would be the size of a school bus
in two weeks following our introduction
into the world.
Monarch butterflies
lay their eggs on milkweed.
We call this a host plant.
The milkweed makes
the Monarch poisonous
Monarchs drink nectar
from many different types of
The Monarch Caterpillar
makes a silk button then
hangs in a "J" and sheds
its skin to become
a chrysalis
How much does a caterpillar eat before it becomes a chrysalis?
Our classroom works with the 1st and 2nd graders every fall. Together we raise, tag, and release Monarch Butterflies.
The Monarch Butterfly
is a beautiful insect. We
have enjoyed getting to know them.

Does anyone have
any questions?

Monarch Butterfly migrates to
Mexico every year.
The Monarch Butterfly arrives to Mexico around Thanksgiving.
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