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Restorative Practice

No description

Abbey McKervey

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Restorative Practice

What does it do?
What is restorative practice?
Restorative practice is a a new study which works to improve human behavior and society (International Institute for Restorative Practices, n.d.)
It works to build strong communities, reduce crime, reduce conflict, increase social capital, repair harm, restores relationships and reduces antisocial behaviours (International Institute for Restorative Practices, n.d.).
Where can restorative practices be used?
Restorative Practice can be used in:
Early Years Settings
Youth Services and Projects
Dublin County Council
Probation Services
Community Centres
County Childcare Committee
Where did Restorative Practice derive from?
Restorative Practice is derived from Restorative Justice - a new approach to justice that focuses on repairing harm to people in situation rather than focusing on punishing
Restorative Practice Circle
Restorative practice aims to give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions
It works to reduce conflict and restore relationships
Focuses on looking at 'what happened' rather than 'why'
It is most effective as those in authoritative positions work with them rather than to them or for them.
Restorative Practices Programme in Ireland
The restorative practices programme is based in Tallaght, Dublin 24.
It was established in 2010
This programme worked with a UK service known as the International Institute of Restorative Practices to provide training days for individuals to develop their knowledge on the topic.
Project workers in Step by Step have attended these training days and have implemented the restorative practices into the project.
Restorative Practice and Problem Solving in Step by Step
If conflict occurs between two children in Step by Step the project workers use restorative practice to resolve the issues
Both children are asked a set of questions including:
What was happening?
What do you want to happen?
What were you thinking and feeling at the time?
What do you think now?
How do you think the other person felt?
What would you like to happen now?
What could you do to make things right?
Restorative Practice Techniques used in Step by Step
A restorative practice technique used in Step by Step In known as the Restorative Circle. This occurs at the beginning of the session and at the end of the session and is facilitated by the children. All the children and project workers sit down on the couches creating a circle shape. There are to be no tables in the centre of the circle. One child will facilitate the circle and ask each person of the had a good day, bad day or an o.k. day or how they feel on a scale from 1-10 and then a question of their choice. This circle gives everyone the opportunity to speak and express their feelings. It has been found that these circles can reduce exclusion, tension and develop self-confidence (Restorative Practices Ireland, 2017).
Restorative Practice
(Restorative Practices Ireland, 2017)
(Restorative Practices Ireland, 2017)
(Restorative Practices Ireland, 2017)
(Restorative Practices Ireland, 2017)
Example of Problem Solving using Restorative Practice
Personal Reflection of Restorative Practice
Prior, to completing my internship in Step by Step I had never heard of restorative practice. Upon researching it and seeing it in practice I have found that it can have many positive impacts within the learning environment. The children within Step by Step enjoyed taking part in the circle daily and were eager to lead the circle. I used the problem solving technique to solve conflict between many of the children and found this worked extremely well. I plan to continue to use this practice in my future career. I personally would also be interested in studying this philosophy in further detail in a masters.
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