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Rebel's handbook

By Theresa, Kevin and Poojah.

TherKevPooj Lin

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Rebel's handbook

The Rebel's Handbook Created by:
People need an example to follow, so they have a feeling that what they're doing might acutually lead to a result. Rebels should find examples all over the world where changes have been done. STEP 3 STEP 4
Namibia is a country Northwest of South Africa, Controlled by South African white government. They overruled the government in 1990's
Became symbol of hope to South Africans – ‘If they can do it, we can do it.’
You need to get the government and worldwide news to talk about your sanctions On March 21st, 5000-7000 people protested at a police station in sharpville, they were shot. Photographs of dead bodies from the shooting in sharpville were printed in newspapers all over the world.
STEP 1 STEP 2 Find a willing leader who's committed to the cause.

The leader needs his or her first priority to be overthrowing the government. Family and relationships will only be holding them down - they will need to give up everything else.
Nelson Mandela's first wife divorced him shortly after he joined the ANC. His wife
wasn't pleased with his sudden dissapearances and long periods away from home.
The leader needs to have several important characteristics such as charisma, devotion and can take power over groups.
Mandela was friendly and good with people even in his early twenties. This trait got
him noticed by Walter Sisulu, who offered him a place in the ANC.
The leader needs to be able to do anything in order to put the goals for the end of the rebels
To make your goals and plan how you're going to change them. Understand what you are doing, understand the situation, and start planning.
Caution: Your plan has to be fair to both sides and understand both points of view. The goal is not to win, the goal is to make a better place for everyone. The African National Congress organized the eventual overthrow of one of the most oppressive regimes of the 20th century.

Your organization needs to find a pattern. the ANC protested, what is your strategy?
NELSON MANDELA nELSON MANDELA WAS A DEVOTED LEADER OF ANC. HE COMMITED HIS LIFE INTO CHANGING THE WAYS OF SOUTH AFRICA, EVEN SACRIFICING HIS FREEDOM FROM JAIL FOR THE GREATER GOOD. NELSON MANDELA HAD A STRATEGY TO NOT EXCLUDE ANYONE FOR THE CHANGE. To all rebels searching for change, follow these set of instructions and we assure success. Our steps are based on the famous historical revolution, the abolision of Apartheid in South Africa STEP 5
Involve religion Involving the actions with religious purposes or subjects may be of some help. If the Church joins your protests against the government, people following the religion will join you, too! If you're practicing a relgion, be sure to ask the main relgion of your country for help and support.

Bishop Tutu was the Dean of Saint Mary's Cathedral. He had especially high power in the Church, and he was able to get the agreement of the Church to help him fight against apartheid.
Although the more people joining your protests might seem like a brilliant way out, there might be negative reviews coming from it. The red shirts of Thailand involved the monks in their protests. A group of people believed that monks (as holy subjects of Bhuddism) should not come out and get involved in things like this. If you are scared of this result, you might want to try a lighter approach. Call a religious messenger of whichever religion is main in your country and ask them to be at a press conference. This way the citizens could also see, and they won't be breaking any rules. We hope that this Rebel's Handbook was helpful into guiding rebels of all nationalities out there. Use the tips we gave to distinguish right from wrong.

PEace out, and make a great change in the world
Kevin, Theresa and Poojah This caught many of the world's attention. To the point where the UN Security could not bear to see it any longer. They finally asked the South African to abandon Africa.
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