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NYU Brand Strategy - Foodspotting

No description

Sheldon Maye

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of NYU Brand Strategy - Foodspotting

? It helps you decide WHAT to eat, not just where. 4) Use and Create Guides Increase Users & Increase Activity Step 1:
Increase relevance Step 2:
enhance user
experience Step 3:
Expand Reach listen to the end user add pricing
include scaled ratings next steps What is
Foodspotting "So how does it work?" next steps invest in post-purchase enhance gaming elements
allow customized badges
partner with celebrities & restaurants
improve latency issue how? why? next steps how? partner with restaurants
advertise in new media food sites
add a"friend finder" option
improve SEO why? how? Primary Objective:
Increase Brand Awareness &
Monetize Foodspotting diversify network why? ....................$ what foodspotters like (and don't like) Advertisers Brand Analysis Competitors What's the Value Proposition to Each Customer? Customers , Company 9,690 followers 22 videos 524 links 5,332 likes 543 photos 14 videos SMO Grade Online Presence SEO Grade 3 Customers Advertisers End Users Restaurants 2. sponsor a food, place, or action 1. create location-based guides 3. make badges Competitive Landscape identify loyal customers

reach customers when and where it matters

publish menus and suggest dishes

reward foodspotters End User Competitive Analysis Restaurants ................$ .....................$ ........................$ ............................$ it helps you decide WHAT to eat, not just where + End User emotional benefits functional benefits excitement
reminiscence find
share sustainability crowded space
strengthen support team visual
social differentiation The Hurdles Role Models Clock Model Brand Image Quotes Brand Identity Extended Identity Core Identity Social, Easy, Mobile, Rewarding Essence "A Visual Guide to Good Food" niche market
only on iPhone
no food prices
few reviews relevance 170 survey respondants Questions? Pre-Purchase Purchase Post-Purchase needs work needs work
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