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Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Report Card

Evaluation of Theodore Roosevelt's presidency.

Alexis Poole

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Report Card

Presidential Report Card Theodore Roosevelt Chief Legislator Guardian of The Economy Chief Diplomat Chief of Party Chief Executive Pure Food And Drug Act of 1906- prohibited allowing diseased and otherwise bad food in interstate and foreign commerce. It also involved drugs with false or misleading statements on their labels.

Roosevelt was Replublican and the party in control of Congress at the time of his presidency was also Republican. It is often remarked that Roosevelt is the only president that "kept congress so busy". Presented himself as fully dedicated to the good of the country.
Slowly made the transition from Mckinley to himself out of respect for the people.
Relied heavily on public speaking and toured the nation often including campaigning.
Had high regulation over the news that left the White House.
Balanced his involvement with blacks. He is a prominent face of the Progressive Era
Both of his midterm elections saw only a few democratic gains.
Worked well with Congress and the Republican party and ensured success for 1908 republicans by identifying William Howard Taft as his successor. Insisted on the conservation of natural resources more than any president before or since his time.
Launched many plans to benefit the long term use of natural resources.
Believed Big Business were essential to helping the economy grow.
Approved lawsuits against the North Securities Company and other companies earning the nickname "Trust Buster". Roosevelt played a huge role with foreign affairs.
"Big Stick Policy" named to mean US dominance over Latin America as imperative.
Often referred to as a bully of foreign countries.
Wanted America to have "Worldwide Power".
Expanded Japanese influence over Asia.
Negotiated Russo-Japanese War
Created The Panama Canal. Successfully nominated 3 supreme court justices.
Created the Executive wing of the White House.
Creator of the modern day executive branch.
Used executive orders to establish conservation of natural resources laws. 1901-1909 About Theodore Roosevelt Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States Of America. He was born October 27,1858 in New York and he died January 6,1919 in New York at age 60. He was initially elected as the 25th vice president. He became president at age 42 making him the youngest president to take office. He was also a very skilled hunter and anatomist. His lifelong interest in zoology began at age 7. Table of Contents 1. About Theodore Roosevelt 2. Chief Legislator 3. Commander-In-Chief 4. Chief Executive 5. Head Of State 6. Chief Of Party 7. Guardian Of The Economy 8. Chief Diplomat A+ Other Laws Passed Newlands Reclamation Act (1902)
Antiquities Act (1906)
Meat Inspection Act (1906)
Hepburn Act (1906) These acts all fell under Roosevelt's program called Square Deal which was his reform plan for American success. Commander-In-Chief Roosevelt's position as commander-in-chief is often debated over.
He used the military forces 14 times throughout his presidency.
Largely expanded the US Navy.
Feared Germany's military expansion.
Always felt the need to be ready for war. C+ Head Of State A- Head Of State Cont. Some of his most famous speeches include:
“Duties of American Citizenship”
“The Man with the Muck-rake”
“Strength and Decency”
“Citizenship in a Republic”
"To Kill A Bull Moose" A- C+ A+ B+ GPA: 3.28
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