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Laser Technology

No description

Peiyan Liu

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Laser Technology

Laser Technology
Peiyan Liu (2536918)
Ka Yi, Ame Luk (2663094)
Jinzhi Yu (2584642)
Uyen Tran (2595188)
Definition of Lasers
Function of Lasers
Application of Lasers
Function of Lasers
Four Main Component
power supply
Pumping device
Lasing medium
Optical resonant cavity
Five Major Stages
Decay State
Seal small blood vessels
(10.6um CO2 Laser)
1:Solid-state Erbium laser
2:CO2 Laser
Bar Code Reader
fiber telecommunications systems
Definition of Lasers
Bar Code Labels with Dark and White Stripes
mplification by
mission of
Reflect different fractions of light
Helium-neon wavelengths
Low-Power red Bean
Laser Wavelength
read the information from Bar Code Lables
Beam different wavelength
3 Mains Materials of Laser
2 levels powers applications of laser
High- Power

Lower- Power
emit long distance transmission
three major benefits
simple to join/couple it
has a high data transmission rates.

Fiber Laser
common examples
Mobile Phone
Conduction Welding
Penetration Welding
Fiber Laser
Welding Tiny Shape
Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO2 Laser)
High performance
Cost Expensive
High quality with little dross
Small heat-affected zones
Deals with electromagnetic spectrum
Definition of Laser
-Laser Wavelength
-3 Main Materials of Laser

Function of Laser
-Four main Component
-Five major stages

Application of Laser

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Used in tissue
The Surgeon
to scan the beam across the tissue
Stop bleeding
Used in “Drilling” teeth
Cosmetic treatment
Whiten teeth
Figure4. The bar code read by bar code reader. (Sourer: IndiaMART, http://2.imimg.com/data2/SF/XT/MY-3235784/bar-code-reader-scanner-500x500.jpg, viewed at 17/12/13
Figure1. Beam different wavelength. (Source:Alliance Communications,http://www.fabricatingandmetalworking.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/WavelengthSpectrum-1.jpg, viewed at 17/12/13
Figure2. The components of the ruby laser. (Source:Laser Fest, http://www.laserfest.org/lasers/images/rubylaser_components.jpg, viewed at 17/12/13
Figure7.The process of laser is used in sealing small blood vessels and stopping bleeding (Gibiliso, 1989, P403).
Video2. How laser used to Drill teeth. (Source: YouTube. viewed at 17/12/13)
Figure3. Energy levels of a ruby lasers and five stage of how lasers work. (Source: McComb, 1988, p4).
Video1. How bar code reader works.(Source: YouTube,viewed at 17/12/13)
Video3: How laser works in the manufacturing. (Source: YouTube, viewed at 17/12/13)
Used to
Lasers have become one of most common electronic equipment that used in many different kinds of area in daily life, including common consumer device, medicine industry, military and low enforcement device and scientific research.
Nowadays change to use in fiber laser
Laser light
Lower - power laser
High- power laser
Video 4: Fiber laser use in welding. (Source: YouTube, viewed at 17/12/13)
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