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George Homand

No description

Susan Baker

on 11 May 2018

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Transcript of George Homand

The Nuer people live in mostly south sudan around Lake No
The Nuer came from another tribe called the Dinka
They began in the early 18th century
They would get scars.
Dot scars over the face
George Homand
The Nuer Tribe
Websites used
Jenkins, Orville Boyd. Profile of the Nuer People of South Sudan, strategyleader.org/profiles/nuer.html.

“Sudan Through My Eyes.” Sudan Through My Eyes, sudanthroughmyeyes.wordpress.com/.

Trust, Gurtong. Nuer (Naath), www.gurtong.net/Peoples/ThePeopleandDemographicsofSouthSudan/NuerNaath/tabid/223/Default.aspx.
The Nuer make temporary houses. Their houses have thatch roofs and stick frames
The flags colors and simbals have meanings. the red means the blood of the wars. the white represents peace. the green is for the vegitation in South Sudan. the blue is there to show the Nile River and how i is their main source of life. The star is to show the unity of the people in South Sudan
The Nuer is constantly fighting with the Dinka. They were joined forces in the fight against the north.
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