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Weather intro by Mrs Kester

No description

Michelle Kester

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Weather intro by Mrs Kester

The air around you Weather is a condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place. Atmosphere is the layer of gases that surrounds the planet. Earth's atmosphere makes conditions on Earth suitable for living things. Weather vocab terms: Pressure: the force pushing on an area or surface. Air pressure is the result of weight of a column of air pushing down on an area. Measuring Air pressure:
Barometer: an instrument that is used to measure changes in air pressure. Air pressure is measured in inches. Air pressure decreases as altitude increases. As air pressure decreases so does density (how tightly packed together molecules are). Layers of the Atmosphere:
There are four main layers of the atmosphere that are classified according to the changes in temperature. These layers are troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere and the thermosphere. Troposphere: the inner, lowest layers of the atmosphere. This is where weather occurs. Stratosphere: the ozone layer that absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Mesosphere: middle layer of the atmosphere. Most meteoroids burn up in this layer, producing meteor trails. Thermosphere: the outer most layer of the atmosphere. There is no limit to this layer. Ionosphere: one layer of the thermosphere. Radio waves reflect back to Earth in this layer. The aurora borealis occurs in this layer. Exosphere: phone calls and television pictures often reach you by way of communications satellites that orbit Earth in this layer of the atmosphere. Bellringer:
Finish the questions from yesterday's class.
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