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League Of Legends (LoL)

No description

Travis Franklin

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of League Of Legends (LoL)

The game League of Legends is a Wildly used multiplayer online battle arena style game.
Leauge of legends was create by Riot games overall In my personal opinion a very enjoyable game it was rated 8/10 on a global scale

The creator of the game Leauge of legends is "Riot Games".
-Take out turrets
-Kill champions
-kill inhibitor
-kill nexus
-Rate 9/10
-graphics good
-playerbase mature
-speed (could be worked on)
-some immature players can be found.
Leauge of legends and brought a lot of money in. In creating the game Riot games earned $1 million later on after growing in players riot games raised $8 million
Riot games is a very famous game
creating company. Best known for
Leauge of legends

Gameplay (Extended)

-Pick champions
-buy with influence points
-buy with riot points/paypal
Critical view
Final opinion
In conclusion I have found the
game "Leauge of Legends" very enjoyable. With a good playerbase, graphics, gamestyle and hosting. I view this as a great Free to play game with the added option of buying champions.

This is a example of a champion
a very popluar starter one. She is called
Ashe she is a ranged type attack the
majority of attacks will slow her target
preventing escape
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