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MS Putting It All Together: Choosing Tools to Enhance the Modern Classroom

No description

Jessica Steffel

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of MS Putting It All Together: Choosing Tools to Enhance the Modern Classroom

Putting It
All Together Choosing Tools to Enhance the Modern Classroom Jessica Steffel K-1 Multiage Teacher
MSU Edutech Grad
Resident Tech-Lover
Furniture Mover Parent Communication: Updating Students and Families Website Common Core: It's About Thinking Shared Computer Station Class Blogs Creation Apps Teacher Life After Hours: AKA Don't Recreate the Wheel teacherspayteachers.com smart exhange
promethean planet class info photos and fun stuff news embed a calendar lesson plans automatic news feed
i.e. posterous Edmodo - Website Alternative dynamic Pinterest Also...
Get Inspired by: Google Reader iPad: Flipboard app Twitter TED iTunes U Videos QR Codes Remind 101 IWB Computer Document Camera Who is touching the board? Who is talking the most? Thinking 1. Record how-to homework video with doc camera
2. Post to YouTube
3. Turn the link into QR Code
4. Put on sticker and paste on homework page Another good idea:
Book Reviews! 1-way 2-way Flipping and Video Homework = Schoolwork
Schoolwork = Homework Diigo & Dropbox & Google
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